SST Code of Conduct

It is SST’s duty to encourage and instill positive moral character in all our students. As a community, SST students are responsible for conducting themselves in a respectful manner that promotes a healthy and conducive environment for learning. They will abide and accept the following 4-R principles of conduct:

Respect for self and others
  • I will treat all members and guests of the SST community with respect.
  • I will be kind and courteous to all. I will not use any forms of violence or harsh language, bully, harass and intimidate anyone in and out or school and in cyberspace.
  • I will respect and obey the laws of Singapore.
  • I will respect and care for the environment by keeping it clean and conducive for learning.
Responsibility for their actions
  • I will take responsibility for my own learning.
  • I will adhere to the Acceptable Use Policy for technology use at all times
  • I will adhere to the school’s code of conduct at all times and I will observe exemplary behaviour both in an out of school.
  • I will put in my best effort to contribute positively to my classroom, my school and the environment.
  • I will be responsible for my conduct on and off-campus. If I am unable to manage my emotions and actions and choose to behave poorly, I will accept the consequences.
(Building) Positive Relationships
  • I will interact with others in a manner that builds and maintain positive relationships.
  • I will strive to be aware of my own and others’ emotions and mental well-being, and interact with others accordingly.
Reflective Thinkers
  • I will be reflective of my actions and behaviour.
  • I will think before I act.

SST Code of Conduct

SST students are responsible for their own conduct and contributions to an orderly and conclusive learning environment. They are required to embrace the school values and to be helpful to their schoolmates and the school. The expectations of the conduct of SST students are not limited to the perimeter of the school campus or within school hours. The school has a responsibility to take appropriate disciplinary action for inappropriate behaviour which occurs on and off campus, including online behaviour. This document describes our expectations on students’ behaviour.

The school also reserves the right to amend, change, add or eliminate rules and regulations pertaining to discipline from time to time.
- Updated 28 June 2016

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