Thursday, 9 January 2014

Collection of 2013 GCE O level result.

Dear Pioneers,

The 2013 GCE O Level results will be released on 13 January 2014, 2.00 p.m., next Monday as per the announcement by the Ministry of Education.

To facilitate the collection process, please read the following information very carefully.

1. Reporting time: 1.30 p.m. (You are advised not to report earlier than 12 noon.)

2. Venue: Multi-Purpose Hall (MPH)

3. Attire and grooming: Please note that the school rules apply. 

You are to be in FULL SCHOOL UNIFORM for the collection of result. Students who are inappropriately dressed or with inappropriate hair colour/ hair style will not be allowed to enter SST until it has been rectified. 

4. Outstanding library books and/or fee arrears

Students with outstanding library books and/or fee arrears would have been notified by the school. Students will be able to collect their result slips from the G.O. after settling the matter.

5. Collection on behalf of students

If you are not able to collect your result slip personally, you can appoint a family member to collect on your behalf. You are to complete the proxy form that can be found on Page (i) in the 2014 JAE guide.

6. Parents and other well-wishers

Only SST students will be allowed to be in the MPH for the collection of results. Parents and other well-wishers will need to wait in the canteen.

7. SST Alumni Club

The SST Alumni club provides a platform for the SST pioneers and the subsequent batches of students to network and stay connected with one another, after graduation. 

Hence, please provide your personal contact details here so that we can keep you updated with the latest news and information about the alumni club.

Should you need any clarification, please feel free to approach me.

Thank you and all the best to all of you! See you soon!

Ms Karen Ng 黄忆婷Academic Staff (Science)
Head of Year 3