Tuesday, 23 May 2023

[S4] GCE O-Level MTL & MTLB Exam (29 May & 30 May)

Dear students, 

Here are the links to Mr Andy Chia's briefing for the GCE O-Level MTL and MTLB Exam on 29 May and 30 May respectively.

Students who were absent today, please go through the different decks of slides.

If you have any queries, kindly approach your FT, HOY or Mr Andy Chia.

Posted by Mrs Lim Woon Foong, HOD Science

Games Carnival Finalised Team + Rules of Games

 Dear Students,

You may refer to this for the finalised name list for all the games. Please also read through the rules and be familiar with them for your game.

The venues of all the games are as follows: 

ISH - Human Foosball & Snookball 

Field - Bubble Soccer, Archery Tag & American Touch

MPH - Dodgeball

Atrium - Carnival Games

Field - Battle Arena

See all of you tomorrow, and may the best House prevail! 

An Invitation by Media Club: Photo Exhibition at URA

[Announcement was first posted on 16 May;  updated on 23 May 2023]

Dear SST students,

On behalf of SST Media Club, we would like to extend an invitation to all of you to attend a photo exhibition organised by the Media Club students of our school at the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA). The exhibition is a showcase of the many facets of the Singapore River, capturing its iconic landmarks, bridges, buildings, and the vibrant life that surrounds it. As you know, the Singapore River is a crucial part of the country's history and an iconic landmark of the city. It has been the main artery of trade and commerce for the British and continues to play a significant role in modern-day Singapore as a well-connected system linked by bridges that have stood the test of time. The exhibition captures the essence of the Singapore River and offers a unique perspective on this iconic landmark.

Our secondary 4 Media Club students have put a lot of effort into curating the exhibition and presenting it through their lenses. We are confident that it will be an exciting and informative experience for all. The exhibition will also provide an excellent opportunity for you to engage with our students and understand their creative processes and perspectives.

The duration of the exhibition will be from the 19th of May to 31st of July. It is free and open to the public at Urban Redevelopment Authority. More details can be found on the poster.

We look forward to your presence and support at the exhibition.

Best Regards,
Ms Afiah,Mdm Nurus, Mr Firdaus & Ms Xu Wei
(Teacher I/Cs of Media Club)

Students Accessing School During June School Holidays/Saturday

Dear Students

Please note that you are required to inform your FT if you are returning to school during the June holidays for unplanned activities.

You are also required to sign in at the security post using a QR code. Please note that you should be in your school attire when you are in school.

Thank you.

Thursday, 18 May 2023

[S3] Holiday Lesson Schedule (30 May to 1 Jun)

Dear S3 students,

Please note the following Holiday Lesson Schedule from 30 May (Tue) to 1 Jun (Thu):

Please refer to this link for updates.

For remedial lessons, selected students will be informed by their respective subject teachers.

Australian Mathematics Competition 2023

You are invited to take part in the Australian Mathematics Competition (AMC) 2023.

The AMC is an engaging 30-problem competition that demonstrates the importance and relevance of mathematics in students' everyday lives.
  • More information regarding the competition can be found HERE.
  • You may wish to view some resources and past papers HERE.

  • Date of competition: 2 August 2023 (Wednesday)
  • Time/Venue: TBC
  • Cost: AUD8 (S$7.14) (collected through Edusave) If you do not have sufficient Edusave funds, it will be collected through GIRO.
  • All S1-S4 students are eligible to sign up.


There will be 6 compulsory online training lessons for students to complete before going to the competition (which can be taken any time before the competition).

If you are keen to sign up, kindly do so HERE
The deadline for signing up is 1 June 2023 (Thursday) 5.00 p.m.

Should you have further questions, you can contact Ms Deana at deana_syazwani_binte_azman@sst.edu.sg

Wednesday, 17 May 2023

SPM and Career Day (25 May 2023)

Dear students, kindly inform your parents that there will be a School Parent Meeting on 25 May 2023 from 8.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. Students are expected to come with their parents on that day. Students are to be attired in the SST school uniform on that day. Thank you

Tuesday, 16 May 2023

Term 2 Week 10 Life Skills program

Dear Students, 

Please check your email for the schedule for the different levels. 
1) Please check the schedule daily for most updated info. 
2) Take note of venues, things to bring and attire for the day 
3) Morning assembly would still be taking place on Mon, Tues, Wed and Fri. 

There is a slight change in assembly venue for Wednesday for Games Carnival. 
Please assemble at MPH for Games Carnival day instead of ISH. 
  • Mon and Wed - 8:40am/7:40am @ MPH (please out your bags in the classrooms/lockers before coming down for assembly 
  • Tues - 7:40am @ ISH 
  • Fri - 7:40am @ Classrooms

ACTIVESST @ Games Carnival 2023 Briefing Slides & Registration information

 Dear SST Students,

This is the slide I used for today's briefing. 

Registration is happening for the Lower Secondary students today (16/5/2023),  from 2:30-3:00pm. It will happen tomorrow (17/5/2023) for the Upper Secondary students, from 1:45pm-2:15pm. 

Please note that registration is COMPULSORY for all students, and each student can only register for ONE event.

In the slides, you may find more information about registering for ACTIVESST @ Games Carnival 2023.

If you cannot make it for the registration, please inform your respective House Master. You can also inform your fellow House members of the event you wish to register for.

Thank you. 

Mr Ng Jun Wei
On behalf of S&W Department 

Tuesday, 9 May 2023

[S4] Special Timetable (17 May to 26 May) & Supplementary Lessons (30 May to 1 Jun)

Dear S4 students,

Please note the following:

  • MTL Intensive Lessons, 17 May to 26 May 
  • GCE O-Level MTL Exam, 29 May, 08:00 - 12:30
  • GCE O-Level MTLB Exam, 30 May, 08:00 - 11:00
  • Supplementary Lessons, 30 May, 12:00 - 16:00, 31 May, 08:00 - 17:00, and 1 June, 08:00 - 15:30.
Please find Special Timetable for 17 May to 26 May below or in this link.
Details on the Supplementary Lesson Schedule for 30 May to 1 June are also available in the link.

Info Hub and EL TDP Flash Fiction Writing Workshop and Competition

 Are you ready to unleash your inner writer? 

Do you have a story to tell, a message to convey, or an idea to explore? 
If so, we invite you to participate in our upcoming writing workshop and competition!

Our workshop and competition are designed to help you tap into your creative potential, hone your writing skills, and share your unique voice with the world. Whether you love to craft elegant essays or to weave vivid tales in a flash, we have something for you.

We understand that writing can be challenging, but we are here to support you every step of the way. Our workshop will guide you through the art and craft of writing, providing you with insights, techniques, and feedback that will help you elevate your writing to the next level. Our competition will allow you to showcase your skills, compete with other talented writers, and perhaps even win some fabulous prizes!

We encourage you to take advantage of these opportunities and challenge yourself to be the best writer you can be. Whether you are a seasoned writer or just starting out, we believe that you have the potential to create something truly remarkable.

So, mark your calendars and get ready to participate in our upcoming writing workshop and competition. We can't wait to see what you come up with!

Sign up immediately! LINK

Workshop: Flash Fiction Writing Workshop conducted by Mr Felix Cheong
Date: 16 May 2022 (Tuesday)
Time: 3:00 -6:00 p.m.
Venue: Info Hub Level 5

The 3-hour workshop consists of:
1. Introduction to Flash Fiction 
2. Short writing exercises (& feedback from Mr Felix Cheong)

Session: Timed Flash Fiction Writing Competition
Date: 22 or 23 May 2022 (Monday or Tuesday) [To be confirmed]
Time: 3:00 -4:00 p.m.
Venue: Info Hub Level 5

Limited seats are available. Please register early to avoid disappointment.

If you have any questions, please email: rachel_oh@sst.edu.sg

Wednesday, 3 May 2023

ACE Food Drive 2023 (in collaboration with Buona Vista Youth Network)

Dear SST Family,

The school-wide ACE Food Drive is back after 2 years!

In collaboration with Buona Vista Youth Network, Social Services Office @ Queenstown, Health Promotion Board, the ACE leaders have come together to organise our 5th annual SST food donation and distribution drive. 

We hope for you to join us in helping these underprivileged families by the donation of daily necessities! 

Our beneficiaries

Low income families with young children living in rental flats in Buona Vista. 

Items requested: ITEM LIST

  • Ayam Brand Tuna Flakes - Water (Light) | $3.45 | 150g x 30 Qty

  • Ayam Brand Sardines in Tomato Sauce | $3.05 | 230g x 30 Qty

  • Milo Instant Chocolate Malt with Milk - Gao Siew Dai | $7.02 | (17 x 33g) x 30 Qty

  • Nescafe 3 in 1 Instant Coffee (Less Sugar) | $6.15 | (37 x 15g) x 20 Qty

  • Cowhead Organic Rolled Oats (Instant) | $ 4.00 | 500g x 40 Qty

  • Nestle Nestum All Family Multi Grain Cereal - Original | $3.33 | 250g x 20 Qty

  • Munchy's Oat Krunch Crackers- Strawberry Blackcurrant | $4.85 | 390g x 30 Qty

  • Munchy's Oat Krunch Chunky Hazelnut Extra 25% | $3.59 | 260g x 30 Qty

  • Frezfruta Creamy Peanut Butter - No Sugar Added | $5.00 | 225g x 40 Qty

Do ensure that all food items have the Health Promotion Board Healthier Choice Symbol (HCS), are Halal certified with a shelf life of 6 months or more. 

Any alternatives that satisfy the above mentioned criteria will also be accepted.

This year, we will also be collecting the following daily necessities too! The following items are accepted:

  • Toothbrush/Toothpaste

  • Mouth wash

  • Tissue paper / Wet wipes

  • Dish washing liquid

  • Hand soap

Donation drop off points:

The locations of the RED donation boxes can be found at:

  • Outside General Office

  • Bus-bay drop off point

  • Outside Staff Room

  • Outside Blk C Level 4 classrooms

The donation period will be held between 3 May, T2W7 Wed, to 22 May, T2W10 Monday. 

Volunteers: SIGN UP HERE

We need volunteers to help out with the packing of donation bags on the following dates:

  • 3:30pm to 4:15pm 15 May 2023 (T2W9 Mon)

  • 4:15pm to 5:00pm 15 May 2023 (T2W9 Mon)

  • 2:30pm to 3:15pm 16 May 2023 (T2W9 Tue)

  • 3:15pm to 4:00pm 16 May 2023 (T2W9 Tue)

  • 4:00pm to 4:45pm 16 May 2023 (T2W9 Tue)

  • 3:30pm to 4:15pm 22 May 2023 (T2W10 Mon)

  • 4:15pm to 5:00pm 22 May 2023 (T2W10 Mon)

Please check that the slot you intend to volunteer does not clash with any other school activities or lessons. 

Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact the following ACE Leaders, chew_keng_yik_eason@s2021.ssts.edu.sg or kenneth_koh_kai_le@s2020.ssts.edu.sg

Thank you, and we look forward to your generous donations :)

Best regards,

ACE Food Drive Team

Sunday, 30 April 2023

S408 Service Learning Project - Project Reboot

Dear SST Family, 

As part of the Secondary 4 Service Learning Project, S408 will initiate a fundraiser to support the local organisation, EngineeringGood. 

EngineeringGood is a Singapore-based non-profit that supports inclusiveness for vulnerable communities through sustainable engineering and technology, and certain initiatives include refurbishing old laptops for disadvantaged families. We hope that through this project, we can raise more funds to support their future initiatives. 

Therefore, do visit our fundraiser booth. Specific details include:

  1. Location: Atrium

  2. Date: 3 and 5 May

  3. Time: 

    1. 2 - 3 pm on 3 May 

    2. 1 - 2 pm on 5 May

For any inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact kiran_lim@s2020.ssts.edu.sg 

We look forward to seeing you!

Wednesday, 26 April 2023

2023 NRIC Registration Exercise - 19 May 2023

 Dear Sec 3 Students,

Under the National Registration Regulations, all Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents are required to register for their NRIC in the year they reach the age of 15 years.  The NRIC Registration Exercise (biometrics enrolment) will be conducted at SST on 19 May 2023 by the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority of Singapore (ICA). 

Date:    19 May 2023 (Friday)
Time:   1:00 pm to 3:00 pm

Venue:  SST Learning Oasis (LO1), Blk C, Level 3

Class Schedule  
1.00 pm  -  S3-01, S3-02
1.30 pm  -  S3-03, S3-04, S3-05
2.00 pm  -  S3-06, S3-07
2.30 pm  -  S3-08, S3-09

Parents of registrants will receive notification letters from ICA two (2) weeks before the date of registration. The documents required for the registration will also be indicated in the notification letter.  Parents will be required to login to - go.gov.sg/icreg with their SingPass to submit the NRIC registration online at least 3 days before the appointment date. They are required to do the following:

  • Verify their child’s particulars; (If you wish to add Chinese/Jawi/Tamil Characters, please include during the online submission under the ‘Ethnic Name’ field. If you do not include it in your application, ICA will not be able to amend your application thereafter)
  • Upload their child’s photograph and supporting documents (where applicable); and
  • Make payment for their child’s NRIC application ($10 for Singapore Citizens / $50 for Permanent Residents) 

To ensure that your biometrics are enrolled smoothly, please complete the registration online before 16 May 2023.

Students are to bring along their Ez-Link Card (MOE School Smart Card) on the day of the registration.

Students who are unable to be present for the biometrics enrolment for their NRIC in school will be required to make an appointment with ICA for their biometrics enrolment.  

If you have any queries, please contact SST General Office at Tel: 6571 7200. 

Thank you.
School of Science and Technology, Singapore 

Friday, 21 April 2023

Service-Learning opportunity: Heartware - National Day Parade Hospitality Management 2023 - General Volunteers

Dear SST Students, 

Since her inception in 2000, Heartware Network, a partner of SST, has been supporting the National Day Parade Executive Committee (NDP EXCO) by training and managing a group of youth volunteers to provide support in the area of hospitality management at the annual National Day Parade (NDP).

In the 24th year of collaboration with the NDP EXCO, Heartware Network has had the privilege to continue this endeavor and encourage the youth of this generation to make a difference in society. We will be recruiting, training and developing youths into leaders of tomorrow through the exciting experience of serving the community at a national event.

Join us in serving the community on a national platform!

Sign up through registering at Youthbank using the QR code in the poster. 

(More info can be found at the event page here

[What's up?] What is Your Future Forecast?

Find out more 👉 https://www.futureforecast.sg/ 

Thursday, 20 April 2023

It's happening today 👉 Safety during Solar Eclipse on 20 April 2023

On 20 April 2023 from 10:45 am to 1:00 pm, there will be a PARTIAL solar eclipse happening over the skies of Singapore. You will get to see only part of the sun being eclipsed by the moon. 
The maximum happens around 1155 am.
👉 Observing the sun directly is dangerous for your eyes.

You may like to use alternative methods to view the sun using the information from the website below: 

In a simpler arrangement, just BACK FACE the sun and hold a piece of paper with a hole to your side. You can "SEE" the sun through the reflection on the ground. 

For your information and stay safe. 

Mr Tan Hoe Teck

Monday, 17 April 2023

[You are invited!] Spot-the-Hazards Contest!

The School Safety, Security, and Emergency Branch (SSEB) of MOE is organising a 'Spot-the-Hazards Contest!' that will run from 17 April to 31 July 2023. 

There are 12 hazards in given illustration below

Students who are interested can submit their entries (for Secondary School students) through the following online form link (FormSGlink: https://form.gov.sg/640aaebd9a413300122bc961). You can also use the QR code to bring you to the link.

The winning participants will be shortlisted by MOE and identified by the 
(i) Name of the school, 
(ii) Participant name, and 
(iii) Class. 

The top 10 schools that have the highest number of student participants with the most accurate answers stand to win limited edition prizes! 

So let's not wait. Go ahead and participate.

2023 #SSTGreenChallenge | An #ACEarth Month initiative

Dear SST Family, 

Thinking of how to contribute to the environment this earth month but just don’t know what to do? Well, #SSTGreenChallenge is the event for you!

#SSTGreenChallenge is a competition organised by #SST-ACTvocates, to encourage SSTudents and SSTaff to play their part for the environment while inspiring others to advocate through social media platforms like Instagram.

2023 Theme: Invest in our planet

In line with Earth Day on 22 April 2023, this year's challenge theme is “Invest in our planet”. 

How can I participate?

  1. Take a photo/video of yourself playing your part in protecting or conserving the environment (e.g. turning off lights when not in use, conserving water, etc.)

Include “I pledge to….” in your post or caption!

  1. Write a unique caption and post it on Instagram. 

  2. Make sure you follow @sstactvocates and include competition hashtags (#SSTGreenChallenge & #ACEarthMonth)

  3. Include your house hashtag, tag your house (eg. #SSTGreenHouse) 

  4. Fill up the Google form to earn house points 

Top 5 entries stand to win attractive prizes, all participants will earn house points

The deadline for submission is T2W6 26 April Wednesday, 10pm.

Winners will be contacted via Instagram DM.

An #ACEarth Month initiative by #SST-ACTvocates, ACE Committee

The #SST-Actvocates team reserves all rights to amend and modify the competition rules without prior notice. Should disputes arise from the competition rules, submission, results or any other matters concerning the #ACEarth Month Competition, the decision by the #SST-Actvocates team is final and binding.

SST Earth Week

Dear students,

Here is the link to today's quiz for SST Earth Week!

If you are keen to sign up for the ECO 3D Printing workshop on 25 April, here is the sign-up form. Limited seats are available!

Thank you.

Best regards,
SST Environmental Education Committee