Application for NEU PC Plus Grant and iNSPIRE Fund Through School

Dear Students,

We are pleased to inform that SST has worked with IMDA to provide the NEU PC Plus Grant, which allows students from low-income households to own a brand new learning device (MacBook) at an affordable price. Under the programme, SST students fulfilling certain criteria will be able to own a Macbook at a subsidised rate. 

Eligibility Criteria
  1. The application is open to Singapore Citizens or Permanent Residents students.
  2. Total monthly household income must not exceed $3,400 or per capita income must not exceed $900
In addition, the iNSPIRE Fund scheme offers additional financial assistance to full-time students who are unable to afford the co-payment amount under the NEU PC Plus Programme.  

Eligibility Criteria
  • Total household income must not exceed $2,500 or per capita income must not exceed $700.  
Successful applicants of the NEU PC Plus Programme who are eligible for the iNSPIRE Fund will need to render between 6 to 12 hours of community service within a period of 6 months.  The School will assist to arrange community service activities (conducted within School) in order for the successful applicant to fulfil the requirement.  

Students who meet the criteria, may obtain the application form by either downloading the form HERE or collect a hardcopy from the SST General Office.  Completed applications and supporting documents are to be submitted directly to SST General Office for processing and the school's approval. The application deadline is on 5 January 2018, Friday.  

More information about the NEU PC Plus programme and iNSPIRE Fund eligibility criteria/assistance level and conditions are available HERE. Thank you.

Sec 3 Outward Bound School 2018

Dear Sec 2 students (2107),

Greetings. Hope you are enjoying your holidays and resting well this far.

This is with regards to OBS 2018 which will be from 20 February 2018 (Tue) to 24 February 2018 (Sat). This is a cohort camp that is compulsory for all Sec 3 students, unless you are medically exempted from physical activities.

As the camp is in Term 1 next year, the schedule is very tight, it is very important that the compulsory medical screening by a certified doctor be done after 20 Nov 2017 (within 3 mths prior to the start date of the camp) and the fully completed registration form submitted latest by 8 Jan 2018

To avoid delays, it will be most ideal if the forms can be submitted by the last week of December or earlier, so that there will more time for me to check and get back to you in cases when the forms are incomplete. 

In particular, please ensure that the following are clearly filled up in the registration form:

a) Doctor's signature,
b) Clinic Stamp,
c) Doctor's indication for Fit or Unfit,
d) Date of Tetanus immunisation (This is indicated in the Health Booklet or found through the immunisation website, and 
e) Parent/Guardian's signature. 

Please read and fill up in capital letters the attached OBS Registration Form carefully and completely and email it to me as soon as possible. You may also submit the hard copy to the SST General Office. Please note that you will still need to submit the hard copy to me when school reopens in 2018.

There will be a briefing for all students in the first week of school in 2018. There will also be a briefing for parents/guardians at a later date.

A similar email has been sent to your parent/guardian. Please also see Letter to Parents/Guardians and Frequently Asked Questions and Sample Programme.

Looking forward to your prompt responses.  

Thank You.

Travel Declaration for Nov/Dec 2017 (Sec 1 to 3 Students)

Dear Students, 

We understand that some of you may be travelling overseas during the school holidays in Nov/Dec 2017. Please complete the on-line Travel Declaration Form and also update the school of unplanned travels once school opens on the first day of school. You do not need to complete the form if you are travelling on a GCP trip organised by the school.

Travel Declaration Form 

This information is vital to help us safeguard all our students' health. 

Thank you and happy holidays!

Nomination of Teachers for OYEA and PAT

Dear students,

Following up on this morning's announcement during assembly, please visit the respective websites hyperlinked below for more information and the online nomination forms for the two national level awards.

The Outstanding Youth in Education (OYEA) Award (Closing date: 30 Nov 2017): The OYEA is a national award that recognises excellent young teachers for their enthusiasm, energy and active involvement in the development of youth. 

The President's Award for Teachers (PAT) (Closing date: 15 Jan 2018)
The PAT recognises excellent educators for their role in moulding the future of our nation. 

Do submit your nominations before the closing date. 

Thank you and have a wonderful year-end break ahead

House Meeting (Lower sec)

Dear Lower Sec,

Please be at the House Meeting on 24th OctTuesday 
1.45pm - 2.30pm at your allocated house venue.

Auditorium - Black & Red
Atrium- Yellow
Lecture Theatre- Green
Seminar Room - Blue

Thank you.

Post Exams Activities Schedule has been updated

Hi Everyone,

The Post Exams Activities Schedule has been updated. In particular, there are changes to the Sec 1 Exoro Business Game and the Lower Sec House Meeting. Kindly refer to the schedule here:

Please update your parents of the changes and share the link above with them. Thank you!

ICT-Related Contest

1. 2017 Ace of Coders National Infocomm Competition

  Ace of Coders is a competition for talented coders like no other you’ve seen. Top coders compete in front of a live audience and the ultimate trophy goes to the most talented who can defeat their opponents in a fantasy gaming environment. The catch – you don’t play with your insane gaming skills, but with codes! You will write code that controls the AI of your troops, everything from crafty manoeuvres, calculated attacks and opportunistic spell casting. Experience the excitement as your supporters cheer for you, live in an e-sports style.

Everybody can be a part of this! All you need to do is login to and complete your first level. Absolutely no prior coding experience is required. What’s more, it’s free! CodeCombat has been played by over 4 million students around the world as part of the annual hour of code promoted by

To qualify for the competition, go to to enter your profile and sync up with your CodeCombat progress. You can take part in the Junior category for the Secondary

In order to celebrate the best and brightest student developers in Singapore, the top 16 teams (2 coders per team) from the Junior and Senior categories will be invited to the live 2016 National Coding Championships event on 26th March. This will be an excellent chance for some of Singapore’s most promising young coders to prove yourself, and bring glory for your school.

2. 2018 National Chinese Mobile App Development By Students For Students Competition

In this competition, participants will create Chinese language mobile learning apps targetted at pre-schoolers.

Winning teams will have their apps selected for further development and publishing onto the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. $10,000 worth of attractive prizes will be awarded to all winning teams!

This project is organised by the Singapore Centre for Chinese Language, and commissioned by the Lee Kuan Yew Fund for Bilingualism.

More information can be found on

Students interested in the competition, please contact Mr. Jonathan Chua at

S1 - S3 Post-Exams Activities Schedule, Reloaded

The Post-Exams Activities Schedule (click here) has been updated with new instructions:
Please refer to respective teachers/departments for programme details.

NOTE: All students are to report to school every weekday from 16 Oct to 27 Oct, and continue to attend CCA up till 18 Nov. You are refer to holiday CCA Schedule here:

Thank you.

I&E Bazaar - Canteen Closed on 25 Oct

The school will be having our annual I&E Charity Bazaar on 25 Oct. 

Canteen stalls and cafe will not be open. Bazaar stalls will only sell food until 11am. Students on strict diet or those with diet restrictions are advised to bring their own food for the day. 

Staff and students are strongly encouraged to support the bazaar by purchasing coupons on that day in front of the ICT Helpdesk from 8.30am onwards. Thank you.

Junior Student Leaders Selection Briefing for S1 Applicants

Junior Student Leader Selection Briefing for S1 Applicants

All S1 students who applied to join the junior student leadership boards in 2018, please report for an important briefing as follows: 

Venue: Seminar Room.
Date: 11 
October 2017.
Time: 10:30am.

At the briefing, we will explain the selection process and announce the candidates shortlisted for the selection interview.

For enquiries, please email Mr Chen Jinquan at

Thank You.

Post-Exams Schedules for Students

The Post-Exams Activities Schedule (click here) has been updated with new instructions:

Kindly note that S205 - S208 are to report for OEE overnight camp on 13 Oct. Please refer to respective teachers/departments for programme details.

NOTE: All students are to report to school every weekday from 16 Oct to 27 Oct, and continue to attend CCA up till 18 Nov. You are refer to holiday CCA Schedule here:

Thank you.

ISH - Out of Bounds

Dear students,

Please be informed that ISH is out of bound from Thursday 5th October 12 p.m. till Friday 6th October 3 p.m.  This is to prepare for S4 Graduation Ceremony.

Thank you.

On behalf of HOY4 & Sec 4 Teachers

Train Disruption during End of Year exams (S1-3 only)

Dear Sec 1-3,

In the event of MRT service disruption, students DO NOT need to get a verification chit from the MRT station. Affected students will be given full duration of the paper.

Thank you.

Charity Bazaar on 25 Oct. Canteen stalls and Cafe will not be open.

We are having our annual Charity Bazaar on 25 Oct and the students will be selling food and drinks, as well as running games and merchandise stalls. 50% of all profits will go to charity. The canteen and cafe vendors will not be operating due to the bazaar and students will only be selling food until 11am. Please plan ahead for your meals in school on that day!

Thank you.

Sec 2 Environmental Project - an initiative by S2-04 & S2-08

Dear Students

S2-04 and S2-08 are collecting used pens that have run out of ink. If you have any pens you would like to donate, please drop them in the donation box located next to the IT Helpdesk by Wednesday, 4 October 2017. 

Thank you.

The Caring Teacher Awards 2018

Dear Students,

The Caring Teacher Awards (CTA) are aimed at acknowledging and rewarding teachers in our schools who show care and concern for the holistic development of their students and go the extra mile to ensure their charges grow up to be confident and independent learners. 
To nominate a teacher, do submit the nomination form here @ by 13 October 2017.

Thank you.  

[S1-S3] [Invitation to Participate] American Mathematics Olympiad

The American Mathematics Olympiad is an annual competition to encourage students in mathematics and stimulate their interest in mathematical problem solving. This competition will take place in SST on 17 Oct (Tues) from 3pm - 4:30pm and is open to all Sec 1 - 3 students

This contest costs $20 per student, which will be paid by Edusave. In the event that you do not have an Edusave account/do not wish to pay through Edusave, it will be deducted through GIRO.

If you wish to participate in this competition, please click HERE to fill up the form.
[Note: Please inform your parents before committing to the competition]

The deadline for registration is Sep 25 (Monday). 

If you have further queries, please email Mr Chen at 

Info Hub Closure

Dear students,

Please be informed that the Info Hub is closed from 4/9 to 6/9 (Monday - Wednesday) during the September school break. Info Hub will operate as usual from Thursday, 7/9. Any inconvenience caused is much regretted.

2017 Staff Appreciation Week Assembly Arrangements

Dear students,

This is a reminder to assemble in the MPH on 30 Aug (Wed) in the usual assembly seating arrangement by 0740 hrs.

We will begin the day with the Staff Appreciation Concert in the MPH immediately after the National Symbols.

Thank You.

2017 Staff Appreciation Week

Dear Students,

This week, the Peer Support Board will organise the Staff Appreciation Week (SAW). The theme for 2017 SAW is "Together, One SST"; it is a platform through which the SST community comes together as one to express our gratitude for the staff of the school.

If you have not submitted your entry for the SST Sayat.chers event, do drop by our booth in the canteen near the elevator during your recess on Monday (28 Aug).

The week-long celebration will culminate on Wednesday (30 Aug), and no lessons will be held on that day. Students are to report to school as usual in school uniform. The programme for the day will be as follows:

Programme for Wed (30 Aug 2017)
07:40 - 07:50National SymbolsMPH
07:50 - 09:00Staff Appreciation ConcertMPH
09:00 - 09:30RecessCanteen
09:30 - 10:15Class Games with PSBClassrooms
10:15 - 10:30Clean-up and DismissalClassrooms

We look forward to a meaningful and memorable week as the end of the term approaches.