Sunday, 2 October 2022

[S1, S2, S3] Out of Bounds areas on O-Level Sci Pract Exam days

Dear students,

The GCE O-Level Science Practical Exam is taking place on the following days:

  • 3 Oct (Mon), 8.00 am to 6.00pm,
  • 11 Oct (Tue), 8.00 am to 1.00pm, and 
  • 13 Oct (Thu), 8.00 am to 6.00pm.
Please note the following:
1.    On these days, Block C Levels 1, 2 and 3 are Out of Bounds to all S1, S2 and S3 students.
2.    Use Staircase 1C (next to the linkway to the ISH/MPH) and Staircase 2C (next to the canteen) to go to
       your classrooms.

3.    If you come across a staircase or an area that is cordoned off, please take an alternative route to your
4.    Keep noise level down during break. 

Thank you for your co-operation.

Friday, 30 September 2022

[For your reading pleassure] The SSTraits Times

Dear SSTudents,

The Media Club Journalism Team is pleased to announce that we are issuing the fourth issue of The SSTraits Times, just in time before the start of examinations! The feature article is an interview with our very own School Leaders. 

If you are interested in receiving them, do fill out the subscription Google form.

To read the fourth issue of The SSTraits Times, click here.

Should you have any enquiries, do contact us at

Happy reading!

Thursday, 29 September 2022

[S4] GCE O-Level Science Practical Exam

Dear students,

Please find the following documents for your reference:

1. Briefing slides

2. (STUDENT) 2022 S4 GCE O-Level - Science Practical (Shift Plan, Lab & Seat Allocation)

Please check to ensure that you have been assigned a shift, lab and seat for the different Science subjects. Should you have any queries, please approach your FT, Science teacher, Ms Praveena Mohan (Presiding Examiner) or Mr Lim Ming Yang (Senior Subject Supervisor).

Do not miss your shift. Do not be late.

Tuesday, 27 September 2022

[S1] 2022 S1 End-of-Year Exam Matters

Dear students,

The S1 End-of-Year Exam takes place on 3 Oct (Mon), and from 7 Oct (Fri) to 12 Oct (Wed).

Please find the following files for your reference:

Should you have any queries, please feel free to approach your Form Teacher, Ms Priscilla Lee (Dean, Acad Studies) or Mrs Lim WF (HOD Science).

Posted by Mrs Lim WF, HOD Science

[S3] 2022 S3 End-of-Year Exam Matters

Dear students,

The S3 End-of-Year Exam starts on 4 Oct (Tue) and ends on 14 Oct (Fri).

Please find the following files for your reference:

Should you have any queries, please feel free to approach your Form Teacher, Ms Priscilla Lee (Dean, Acad Studies) or Mrs Lim WF (HOD Science.

Posted by Mrs Lim WF, HOD Science

[S2] 2022 S2 End-of-Year Exam Matters

Dear students,

The S2 End-of-Year Exam takes place on 3 Oct (Mon), and from 7 Oct (Fri) to 12 Oct (Wed).

Please find the following files for your reference:

Should you have any queries, please feel free to approach your Form Teacher, Ms Priscilla Lee (Dean, Acad Studies) or Mrs Lim WF (HOD Science).

Posted by Mrs Lim WF, HOD Science

Monday, 26 September 2022

[S1, S2, S3] IP Survey

Dear students,

The Instructional Programme (IP) Survey is conducted each year to give you the opportunity to share with the school your experience of the SST curriculum. Your feedback will help the school to review and enhance its curriculum.

This year, the IP Survey is open for submission from 27 Sep (Tue) to 28 Sep (Wed). In the morning of the 27 Sep (Tue), you will receive an information email indicating the THREE subjects which you need to provide your feedback on. You should start completing the survey after receiving the links. You will also be given some time after the flag raising ceremony on 28 Sep (Wed) to finish up any outstanding survey(s).

Your feedback is important to us and we want to hear from you. We hope you will provide honest and candid responses. Although your details are required, this is solely for tracking the completion of surveys. Your details will not be included when the survey results are generated for analysis.

Should you have any query, please do not hesitate to email Mr Koh Siak Peng (HOD/IP) at

Instructional Programme Committee

Monday, 19 September 2022

Invitation to submit your memories of SST

Dear Students,

We would like to invite you to share your memories in SST throughout 2022. You may submit these memories in written form (with pictures) or multimedia (videos, slideshows with captions or subtitles). Successful submissions will be selected to be included in the 2021/ 2022 e-Yearbook.

You may submit your stories via email to the following teachers:

S1 - Ms Lisa Ieo (

S2 - Mr Noor (

S3 - Ms Debbie Tan (

S4 - Ms Afiah (

Wait no more and start documenting your memories of the significant events in SST for this Academic Year! Submission will close by 21 October 2022.

Friday, 16 September 2022

Wellness and Relaxation Workshop


Want to learn more well being and stress management techniques?
Join as at the Wellness and Relaxation Workshop!

This is the follow up from the Morning Assembly Wellness and Relaxation Series talk. 

Date/ Day: 23 Sept 2022 Friday
Time: 2- 3.30pm 

Do note that there is a limit of maximum of 25 pax on the number of participants. 

First come first serve basis. 

You will be notified via email for the confirmation of the successful sign up of the workshop.

Friday, 9 September 2022

Welcome back to Term 4, 2022!

 Dear students, 

Welcome back to SST in  Term 4, 2022! 

We hope that you have had a good break and are looking forward to seeing your friends and teachers back in school! :) 

Do note that the morning assembly for T4W1 for Secondary 1 - 3 will be held in the ISH.

 i.e. Assembly in the ISH for the whole week. 


We will be having Assembly talk series in Week 1 from 0845 - 0900 on 12th Sept and 0745 - 0800hrs from 13th  - 16th Sept 2022. We hope to equip you with practical strategies to support yourself mentally and emotionally, as you face various challenges e.g. exam anxiety, peer-to-peer relationships. 

Here are some useful information and usual reminders to help you prepare for your return to school. 

Preparing for the School

1. Things to pack: 

  • Hand sanitiser / Wet wipes
  • book for reading.

2. Attire and Grooming 

  • A gentle reminder for all students to be appropriately attired in your school uniform and groomed when you report for school. 
  • You may refer to the SST School Attire guidelines for details.

3. Safe Management Measures in School

All students are expected to play their part as a responsible member of the SST community by complying with the Safe Management Measures. 

Social Responsibility: 

  • Remain at home if you are feeling unwell or have a positive ART result and seek medical advice. 
  • If you are placed on Health Risk Warning (HRW), please ensure that you have a valid negative ART result and show it to your form teacher before coming to school.
  • Check and monitor your own temperature daily. 

4. Practising Good Hygiene Upon Arrival in School 

  • Wash hands with soap and water or clean hands with hand sanitiser
  • Wipe down your desk area.
  • Wash hands with soap and water or clean hands with hand sanitiser after wipe-down.

Looking forward to seeing you back in school! :)

Monday, 5 September 2022

[S1, S2, S3] 2022 End-of-Year Examination Schedules

 Dear students,

The End-of-Year Examination will commence in Term 4 Week 4.

Please find the End-of-Year Examination Schedule for the respective levels in the links below:

Do share the examination schedule with your parents.

There will be a briefing for all students on 26 September (Monday).

Sec 3 students, please note that there you are required to attend supplementary lessons in Term 4 Week 8, 31 Oct to 4 Nov, 8.00am to 1.00pm. 

Thursday, 1 September 2022

Sharing on Invasive species and their impact in Singapore: Service-Learning project by S3-08

Dear SST Family,

As part of the Sec 3 Class Service-Learning Project, our class, S308 have produced a short sharing on invasive species, in line with our objective of raising awareness on invasive species.

Please watch the video for more information on what invasive species are, examples of invasive species in Singapore, the potential harm and impact of them and how we can prevent invasive species from entering our ecosystem.

Thank you. 

Best regards,

Tuesday, 30 August 2022

2022 Staff Appreciation Week Concert

 Dear Students, 


The Peer Support Board (PSB) is proud to present the Staff Appreciation Week (SAW) Concert 2022 on 1st September, Thursday. 


The theme for this year is “Celebrating our Stars”. We hope this will be an event where we celebrate and express our appreciation and gratitude to the people in the school community by treating them like stars! ⭐



  • To appreciate the contributions of SST staff in supporting the school community

  • For students to learn more about our SST staff and bond with them

  • To encourage the SST community to practise appreciation to foster a positive culture


Reporting and Dismissal Time:

All students will report at 0840hrs in the ISH for morning assembly and will be dismissed at 1130hrs.


Things to Bring:

1. Silent reading material

2. Class party items


Thank you


On behalf of

Peer Support Board

Wednesday, 24 August 2022

N.E.mation! 2023 call for SSTar team!

The N.E.mation! 2023 returns and we are inviting students to use their creativity and conceptualise a storyboard for a 30-second animation clip centred on the theme, "Together We Keep Singapore Strong". 

We are looking for talents to join our SSTar teams! Do you possess any of these skills?
- Drawing/illustration skills
- Storytelling skills
- Video editing skills

If you are interested, please fill out this Google Form by 4 Sept 2022 [Sunday, 2359 (T3W10)]

If you have any questions, please look for Mrs Genevieve Tia or Ms Afiah.

Monday, 22 August 2022

Create Your Own Newspaper Competition 2022 - Please support SST

Dear SST students,

Recently, two groups of Secondary 2 and 3 have taken part in a Create Your Own Newspaper Competition 2022.  We are honoured and delighted to say that both groups have entered the final round of the competition, and part of the final round is an online popularity voting contest. Thus, we would need your help and support. The total number of votes accumulated serves as an encouragement for our efforts. The online popularity voting contest will be open for the public to vote from 18 August 2022 till 28 August 2022.

Here is a short introduction to the competition: 

For the lower secondary 2 team, the chosen theme for this year was “美”, which stands for beauty. We decided to focus on the beauty of music, in specific, the art of the six strings (guitar). 

For the upper secondary team, the chosen theme was "两个世界” which stands for 2 worlds. We decided to focus on the metaverse, the digital “parallel universe” due to the advancement of technology. 

We hope to gather your help and support for our teams' posts. Please help to vote for us by clicking the “Like” button via the two links shared below! Thank you!

Lower Secondary: Group 23

Chan Ting En Valerie (S205)

Le Ze Xuan (S205)

Paris Teh Shu Wen (S204)

Chan Yi Qian (S204)

Caden Anthony Fay Teng Aik (S204)

Upper Secondary: Group 18

Soin Wei Dong (S308)
Tan Xuan Han (S308)

Neo Gao En (S307)

Lim Cheng Rui (S306)

Yap Su Hui, Anastasia (S303)

Thank you!

Yours Sincerely,

Sunday, 21 August 2022

SG75 Singapore Our Home Competition: Please support our peer Ravin's entry

Dear SST students, 

Ravin from S3-07 has participated in the SG75 competition on behalf of our school. In this competition, participants showcase their vision for Singapore in the year 2040 and the topic is Inclusivity.

Ravin has qualified for the second round of the competition and the judging criteria includes 20% credit for likes on Facebook and the remaining on the judge's decision. 

Please do show your support for Ravin as a fellow SST student by liking his entry on Facebook through the link or video below. 

Thank you. 

Thursday, 18 August 2022

General Office and Info Hub Operating Hours on 29 August 2022

 Dear Students,

In support of the "Eat with your Family" initiative, please be informed that the General Office and Info Hub operating hours will start one hour later on 29 August 2022 (Monday), at 8am and 9am respectively.  This is to allow our staff to have breakfast with their family and loved ones.

Thank you.

Wednesday, 17 August 2022

Results of the 2022 Inter-House Illustrated Poem Challenge:

Here are the results of the 2022 Inter-House Illustrated Poem Challenge:

Overall Results

Yellow House- 1st

Green House - 2nd

Red House- 3rd

Black House- 4th

Blue House  - 5th

Best Poems


1st: None

2nd: Yellow House: Jessica Poh S1-07

3rd: Red House: Aariz Haziq Halid & Anders Charles Lee S1-02



1st: Yellow House: Vanessa Wong Ying Hsuan S3-06

2nd: Green House: Sierra Tan S3-04

3rd: Yellow House: Sky Lim S3-07



1st:  Green House: Morning Walks

2nd: Green House: In a Jar

3rd: Yellow House: Moments

Best Illustrations of poems


1st: Yellow House: Charmaine Tham & Tan Jan Hsuan Ashley S1-04

2nd: Red House: Aariz Haziq Halid & Anders Charles Lee Ekberg S1-02

3rd: Yellow House: Jessica Poh S1-07



1st: Red House Sia Lin Yi S4-04

2nd: Green House: Sierra Tan S3-04

3rd:  Black House: Kim Wong S4-01



1st:  Green House: In a Jar

2nd: Green House: Morning Walks

3rd: NA

Here is the link to the detailed calculation of points.

Winning poems and illustrations are now displayed on the Info Hub green wall.

Tuesday, 16 August 2022

[S4] 2022 S4 Prelim Exam (Written)

 Dear students,

Please refer to the links below for the details for the Preliminary Exam (Written):

1. Briefing slides - Preliminary Exam (Written)

2. Seating plans 

(a) Seating Plans for Applied Subjects

(b) Seating Plans for Hum (Geog/Hist)

(c) Seating Plans for Bio, Phy, Chem

(d) Seating Plans for MTL (to be confirmed)

Career Talk: Banking Industry

Dear ladies and gentlemen,
Are you interested in pursuing a career in the banking industry?
If you are, you are invited to attend a career talk conducted by Bank of America staff, on Banking, hosted by Brahm Centre.
The online talk is scheduled on this Saturday (20 Aug), 3 to 4:30p.m.
Do click on the link here to register.
Thank you and regards.