Tuesday, 31 March 2020

[HBL Update] Home-Based Learning Announcement

Dear students,

Please be reminded that the Home-Based Learning day is on 2 Apr 2020.

  • Attend the HBL lessons at home.
  • Be ready by 7:55 am to start the first lesson of the day.
  • Inform your Form Teacher if you are feeling unwell and are unable to attend the virtual lessons. (MC/Parents' letter of absence still applies).
  • Access your virtual lessons through the URL posted in your individual Subject Google Classroom.
  • Please note that Tech Support is available at our Virtual Helpdesk.

Check this post for any further updates.

Useful Reference: Google Meet - STUDENTS' Guide & Routines

[UPDATE] 2020 TIMETABLE for Term 2 (updated on 31 March)

Dear students,

As briefed by Principal this morning, there are changes made to the current timetable.

Please click HERE to access the updated version of Term 2 timetable (ver 2f)
The timetable will take effect from WEDNESDAY (1 April 2020)

[Note] Link has been updated on 31 March 2020, 1300.

Monday, 30 March 2020

[HBL] Technical Support for Home-Based Learning

Dear Students

Please refer to the following, should you need technical support during Home Based Learning (HBL):

1. Virtual HelpDesk 
Available through Google Meet during curriculum hours to help troubleshoot technical issues surfaced.

Click HERE to seek assistance:
  • You will be 'admitted' to the HelpDesk.
  • Identify yourself with your Name, Index no. and Class. 
  • You may be asked to provide your SST email address if the HelpDesk needs to follow-up with your enquiry.

2. Google Meet - STUDENTS' Guide and Routines

Click HERE to access the document.
Do pay special attention to (C) Attendee Protocol & (D) Google Meet Workflow.

3. SLS Student Learning Space
3.1 If you have forgotten your password

  • We have completed the email verification exericise before. You can now reset your password by clicking at the "FORGOT PASSWORD" link beside the login button.  
  • Alternatively, you may contact the following for SLS queries including SLS access matters such as unlocking of accounts via Google Hangout or email: 
    • Mr Ngiow Shin Fatt @ ngiow_shin_fatt@sst.edu.sg 
    • Ms Loh Kwai Yin @ loh_kwai_yin@sst.edu.sg 

3.2 For any other matters
You may email to SLS HelpDesk at helpdesk@sls.ufinity.com.
When emailing the SLS Helpdesk, include your full name, name of school and form class.

You will find the same information at the left panel in the Students Blog:

Friday, 27 March 2020

[Updated on 1 April] 2020 School Dental Service (for Sec 1 and Sec 3 Students)

Dear Students (Secondary 1 and 3),

Please note the updated schedule below in view of HBL on Thursdays and changes to the time-table wef 1 April 2020.  

The School Dental Service (SDS) will commence service to Secondary 1 and 3 students from 6 April 2020 (Monday) onwards.

Students, whose parents have given consent earlier, will be required to report during school hours, upon request by the Dentist, to the mobile SDS bus which will be stationed at the visitors car park.

Please note below the class schedule.  Please understand that the schedule may be subject to changes depending on the situation each day, due to the nature of treatment.

For more information, please contact the General Office at Tel: 6571 7200.  Thank you.  

Date Day Start Time End Time Class
6-Apr-20 Mon 9:00am 2:40pm S1-08
7-Apr-20 Tue 8:30am 2:00pm S1-07
8-Apr-20 Wed 8:30am 2:00pm S1-06
13-Apr-20 Mon 9:00am 2:40pm S1-04
14-Apr-20 Tue 8:30am 2:00pm S1-03
15-Apr-20 Wed 8:30am 2:00pm S1-02
17-Apr-20 Fri 8:30am 2:00pm S3-01
20-Apr-20 Mon 9:00am 2:40pm S3-02
21-Apr-20 Tue 8:30am 4:20pm S3-03
22-Apr-20 Wed 8:30am 2:00pm S3-04
24-Apr-20 Fri 8:30am 1:00pm S3-06
27-Apr-20 Mon 9:00am 2:40pm S3-07
28-Apr-20 Tue 8:30am 3:20pm S3-08
29-Apr-20 Wed 8:30am 1:00pm S1-05
4-May-20 Mon 9:00am 2:40pm S1-01
5-May-20 Tue 8:30am 3:20pm S3-05
6-May-20 Wed 8:30am 2:00pm Absentees  /
Follow up cases

School of Science and Technology, Singapore 

Thursday, 26 March 2020

[Updated on 1 April 2020] Annual School-Based Health Screening 2020

Dear Students,

(All Secondary 1 and 2 students and selected Secondary 3 and 4 students)

Note:  The schedule found in the link below has been updated in view of HBL on Thursdays starting April.  

The Annual School-Based Health Screening for our students will be conducted from 3 April 2020, Fri to 14 Apr 2020, Tue.   Please refer to the letter from the Health Promotion Board HERE. 

Date:  3 April 2020, Friday - 14 April 2020, Tuesday
Venue:  Block B, Level 5, Tutorial Room 2

Time:  During curriculum time. Please click HERE to view the class schedule.

Important, please note:

(1) For both Secondary 1 and 2 students - please come in PE attire.  For new foreign students, please bring your Health Booklet and Immunization Certificates.  HPV vaccination for Sec 1 & 2 female students (whose parents have given consent) will be conducted on 3 April 2020, Friday.   

(2) For Secondary 3 and 4 students - you may either come in PE attire or school uniform.

(3) Only selected students from Secondary 3 and 4 will be screened.  Students selected for the Health Screening will be informed separately.  

(4) Please be punctual for the Health Screening.

Thank you.

School of Science and Technology, Singapore

[For Sec 1 & Sec 2 Female Students Only] School-based HPV Vaccination Programme on 3 April 2020, Friday

Dear Sec 1 and Sec 2 Students (Female Students Only),

The Health Promotion Board (HPB) will be offering school-based HPV vaccination to female students in Sec 1 and Sec 2 (whose parents have given consent) on 3 April 2020, Friday.

For Sec 1 Students, parents have been informed via Parents Gateway and they have been advised to log-in to the HPB online portal (https://childconsent.hpb.gov.sg) using their SingPass to submit their consent for your vaccination. Please remind them to do so before the date of the vaccination. Hardcopy of the consent form can also be obtained from the SST General Office if you need.

Sec 2 Students would have received the first does of the vaccination during Sec 1 last year (2019) and will be receiving the second dose of the vaccination.

Please refer to the schedule below and report punctually for the vaccination.   

Date 3 April 2020 (Friday)
Venue Blk B, 01-05, Visitor Centre (opp General Office)
Time Class
8:30 - 8:50am S1-01
8:50 - 9:10am S1-08
9:10 - 9:20am S1-06
9:20 - 9:35am S1-07
9:35 - 9:50am S1-02
9:50 - 10:00am S2-07
10:00 - 10:20am S2-08
10:20 - 10:40am S2-01
10:40 - 10:55am S2-03
10:55 - 11:10am S2-05
11:10 - 11:30am S2-06
11:30 - 11:40am S1-05
11:40 - 11:50am S1-03
11:50 - 12:05pm S1-04
12:05 - 12:25pm S2-02
12:25 - 12:35pm S2-04

You may refer to this video - https://drive.google.com/open?id=16yUhWVvegjRzQCb1cRAOi1zL7jgXghli  
- for further information on the HPV vaccination.  Thank you.  

School of Science and Technology, Singapore 

Monday, 23 March 2020

Classroom Climate Survey

Dear students,

The Classroom Climate Survey (CCS) is conducted each year to allow you the opportunity to share with your subject teachers your learning experiences in their classes. Your feedback will help your teachers and the school in making the learning environment even more conducive.

This year, the CCS will be conducted on 25 Mar (Wed) and 26 Mar (Thu). You will be given time after flag raising to complete the survey.

In the morning of the two days, you will receive an information email indicating the subjects which you need to provide your feedback on. The maximum number of surveys to be completed each day is two.

Your feedback is important to us and we want to hear from you. We hope you will provide honest and candid responses. Although your details are required, this is solely for tracking the completion of surveys. Your details will not be included when the survey results are generated for analysis.

Should you have any query, please do not hesitate to email Mr Koh Siak Peng (HOD/IP) at koh_siak_peng@sst.edu.sg.

Instructional Programme Committee

Thursday, 19 March 2020

Enhanced Precautionary Measures for School Reopening after March Holidays

Dear Students,
School will re-open for Term 2 on 23 March (Monday) as planned.  
MOH has announced on 18 March that a 14-day Stay Home Notice (SHN) will be issued to returning Singapore Residents, and visitors from all countries, with effect from 20 March 2359 hrs.
To further protect our Schools, MOE will implement additional precautionary measures by issuing a 14-day Leave of Absence (LOA) to students and staff of schools, who have returned from overseas on or after 14 March (Saturday), which is the start of the March school holidays. Day zero of the 14 days will commence from the date of their return to Singapore.
This means that affected students and staff must stay away from school for the duration of their SHN or LOA. This will take effect from 20 March. This would better ensure our school remain a safe environment for our students and staff.
Students on LOA, as well as those who have to stay away from school due to quarantine orders or SHN, will all be supported via home-based learning.  You may contact the SST General Office at Tel: 65717200 if you need clarifications.   Details of the latest MOE press release can be found HERE.   
Thank you.  
School of Science and Technology, Singapore 

Friday, 13 March 2020

[S4 students only] 2020 S4 Common Test Schedule

Dear students,

Please find schedule: 2020 S4 Common Test Schedule  for your reference.

Exam venues are to be confirmed.
More details will be given nearer the exam.

Please share this schedule with parents/guardian.

By Mrs Lim Woon Foong, HOD Science

Tuesday, 10 March 2020

SLS: Scheduled Maintenance

Dear Students

Please be informed that the SLS would be undergoing scheduled maintenance from 20 Mar 1630 hours to 22 Mar 0000 hours, for system enhancements. During this time, the SLS portal will not be available.

Thank you for your attention.

Monday, 9 March 2020

Travel Declaration for March Holidays

Dear Students, MOH has advised Singapore residents to defer all travel to Hubei Province, and avoid non-essential travel to a growing list of COVID-19 affected areas. To ensure schools continue to be a healthy and safe environment for all, we would require travel declarations from all students for the March holidays. We have informed your parents to declare your travel plans for the March holidays, including trips to Johor Bahru and any city of transit. They are are required to make the travel declaration, including both the country and city of travel, via Parents Gateway (Go to [SERVICE > DECLARE TRAVELS]). Only one parent is required to declare. A declaration is also required if you are not travelling. Please remind your parents to do so by 11 March 2020, Wed. If there is a change of travel plans after declaration, please inform the school directly. Please refer to the advisory for details on the Stay-Home Notice (Click Here). Thank you for your support to keep our school safe.

School of Science and Technology, Singapore

Friday, 6 March 2020

Record of Service Hours - when volunteer with external organisations

Dear students, 

If you are keen to volunteer with external organisations, please note the following information on volunteering and submission of service hours document.

(i) Before volunteering: Get permission from your parents/ guardians before signing up with the external organisation.

(ii) After volunteering: Get an official document from the external organisation stating your name and the hours you volunteered. This document must be signed by the personnel in charge or stamped with the official logo of the organisation.

(iii) After the completion of service: Submit a scanned copy or clear photo image of the official document using “ACE@SST: Service Hours Submission 2020” Google Form."

Also seeking your help to update the link of the "ACE@SST: Service Hours Submission" to the following link: https://forms.gle/TRBpRdCo37UT6r8B8

Wednesday, 26 February 2020

[S4 & S3 HMTL students] 2020 GCE O-Level Exam Timetable (updated as at 25 Feb)

Dear S4 and S3 HMTL students,

Please find 2020 GCE O-Level Exam Timetable; correct as at 25 Feb.

The timetable is also available at SEAB website.

Posted by: Mrs Lim Woon Foong (HOD Science)

[S4 & S3 HMTL students] 2020 GCE O-Level Examination Registration Exercise

Dear S4 and S3 HMTL students,

GCE O-Level Examination registration will take place from 24 Feb to 9 Mar 2020. 

You would have received the Registration Slip from your Form Teacher this morning, 26 February 2020.

Please complete the following:

Step 1: Check your Registration Slip carefully. Ensure that your personal particulars and registered subjects/papers are correct. Any amendments should be made on the Registration Slip clearly. 

Step 2: Sign on your verified Registration Slip.

Step 3: Return your verified Registration Slip to your Form teacher by this Friday, 28 February, even if there is no amendment. 

Please note the timelines of activities in the attached pdf documents:

You are not allowed to amend your registration slip after 3 July 2020. 
Please clarify your doubts on the registration exercise with your FTs or Ms Ng Ee Nee as early as possible.

Posted by: Mrs Lim Woon Foong (HOD Science) 

Monday, 17 February 2020

2020 SASMO Registration

Dear Students

You are invited to take part in the Singapore and Asian Schools Math Olympiad (SASMO) 2020 which will be held on the afternoon of 1 April 2020 (Wednesday) at SST. The exact time and location will be confirmed at a later date.

All S1-S4 students are eligible to sign up.
The competition fee is $20 and will be collected through Edusave.
If you do not have sufficient Edusave funds, it will be collected through GIRO.

Click HERE if you are keen to sign up.
The deadline for signing up will be 28 February 2020 (Friday) 5 p.m.
Due to the development of COVID-19 situation, more updates will be communicated via your school e-mail once you have signed up.

Should you have further questions, you can contact Mr Samuel Lee at lee_tzi_yew_samuel@sst.edu.sg.

Sec 1 CCA Allocation

Hi Everyone,

You can find the Sec 1 CCA Allocation here.

All Sec 1s are to report for CCA on this Friday, according to this schedule. If you have any query, please approach the CCA Teachers-in-charge of respective CCA's. Thank you.

Cancellation of S1 Parents' Meeting with School Leaders

Dear S1 students, In view of the current 2019 Novel Coronavirus situation, we would like to avoid non-urgent large group gathering, hence the S1 Parents' Meeting with School Leaders (18 - 20 Feb) will be cancelled.
Please remind your parents about the cancellation of the sessions.

Ms Camellia Lee (Head of Year 1)

Monday, 10 February 2020

Restricted Access to Singapore Polytechnic Campus

Dear Students,

Please note that the Singapore Polytechnic has informed us that effective from today, only their staff, students and service providers will be allowed into their campus.  This is part of the additional precautionary measures that they have taken against the novel coronavirus. 

Friday, 7 February 2020

[S1] SLS Email Verification Exercise

Dear S1 students

With all of you indicated that you are able to login to the SLS (learning.moe.edu.sg), the next step is to carry out the email verification exercise so that you can self reset password if you forget your login password. NOTE: SST email address is preferred.

[NOTE] Your username: First 5 characters of your full name and last 4 digits of your NRIC together with the alphabet, e.g. TANAH2345X.

[S2, S3 & S4] SLS Login and Password Reset

Dear S2, S3 and S4 students

This is a reminder...
If you need to reset the password to access the SLS (learning.moe.edu.sg), you can carry out the password reset process yourself (see image below):

If you need further assistance (e.g. you are still unable to self-reset the password, or your account is locked), you may email to the following:

  • Mr Ngiow Shin Fatt (IT Manager) at ngiow_shin_fatt@sst.edu.sg
  • Ms Loh Kwai Yin (HOD Special Projects) at loh_kwai_yin@sst.edu.sg
Remember to write clearly: 
  • Subject title: SLS Password reset - Your Name and Class
  • The intent: What kind of assistance is required. 
  • Remember to observe basic netiquette when writing an email.

Thursday, 6 February 2020

NSG Opening Ceremony Postponed

Dear Members of Sports CCA,

As there is currently no morning assembly in the school hall, the NSG Opening Ceremony in SST will be postponed indefinitely. I will inform you again if we can find a suitable time to conduct the ceremony. Thank you.

Wednesday, 5 February 2020

[S1, S2, S3] 2020 Class Test Schedules

Dear students,

Please find 2020 Class Test Schedules in the links below.

2020 S1 Class Test Schedule
2020 S2 Class Test Schedule
2020 S3 Class Test Schedule

Your Subject teachers will inform you on the dates of the class tests.

You are advised to download the relevant Class Test Schedule and keep it for your reference.

Do familiarise yourselves with the Test/Exam Rules & Regulations and Instructions for Sitting Tests.

By Mrs Lim Woon Foong
HOD Science

Tuesday, 4 February 2020

[S1-S4] Invitation to Participate: Singapore Cube Championship 2020

Dear Students,

You are invited to take part in the Singapore (Rubik's) Cube Championships 2020 which will be held on 15 February (Saturday) at NUS.

S1-S4 students are eligible to sign up.

The competition fee is between $6 and $10, depending on the number of events you choose to participate in. More information can be found on http://cube2020.nusmathsoc.org/school.html.

If you are keen to sign up, kindly email Mr Samuel Lee at lee_tzi_yew_samuel@sst.edu.sg by 7 February 5 p.m.

There will also be a compulsory briefing on 10 February at 3 pm at the Math Room (Room B03-05)

Monday, 3 February 2020

First Time Use of School Smart Cards for Concessionary Travel - Sec 1 Students (2020)

Dear Sec 1 Students,

We are pleased to inform you that the School Smart Cards (SSCs) for Secondary One students will be delivered to the school around mid-Feb 2020 to meet the expiry deadline on the use of the primary level SSCs by the Secondary One students on 30 April 2020.   You will receive your School Smart Card through your respective Form Teachers.  

Please note that you are required to activate your card at the TransitLink Ticket Offices / TransitLink Concession Card Replacement Offices / Passenger Service Centres (PSCs) at the MRT / Bus Interchanges by topping-up the value for the card before the SSCs can be used for concessionary travel. In support of national initiative to steer commuters towards adopting e-payments in transit ticketing, top up at Passenger Services Centre has ceased. However, PSCs will continue to assist in the activation of concession card for MOE students. To avoid being turned away, students are advised to inform the PSC staff that they would like to activate their concession card.  The minimum top-up value is $5.

Please call TransitLink at 1800 2255663 if you require further clarification.  Thank you.  

School of Science and Technology, Singapore

Thursday, 30 January 2020

Morning Assembly on 31 Jan 2020 (Friday)

Dear Students

1. Please report to the ISH when you arrive in school tomorrow (31 January 2020) for morning assembly as usual.

2. Please remember to bring a working thermometer to school as there will be daily temperature taking every morning until further notice.

Thank you for your attention.