Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Survey on Feasible Fishing Sites in Singapore

Dear Parents of SST Students,

A group of students have embarked on a joint project with NIE and N-Parks on determining the quality of seawater in Singapore, we would like to request a few minutes of your time in completing this survey. It will take no longer than 5 minutes.
Kindly complete the survey to assist them in gathering data by 30 Aug(Sat).

Thank you very much.
Best Regards,
Ms Jocelyn Yong and Ms Mohan

Monday, 25 August 2014

NRIC Registration Exercise (for 15-year-olds)

Dear Students (mainly Secondary 3 students)

Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) will be conducting NRIC Registration Exercise:
On: 9 October 2014 (Thursday)
Time: 1:00pm to about 3:00pm
Venue: SST Learning Oasis1

Class Schedule:
Class S3-01 and S3-02 at 1:00pm
Class S3-03 and S3-04 at 1:30pm
Class S3-05 and S3-06 at 2:00pm
Class S3-07 and S3-08 at 2:30pm

Your parents will be receiving the notification letters and application form from ICA two (2) weeks before the date of registration and will also be informed by Principal's Letter to Parents next month.

Please prepare a recent passport sized photograph. The photograph should be in colour and it must be taken against a white background with a matt or semi-matt finish.

Students are to bring the following documents:

  • ICA Notification Letter
  • One (1) recent passport-sized colour photograph
  • EZ-link card with a top-up value of minimum $10 for Singapore Citizen and $50 for Singapore Permanent Residents students
  • Original/Photocopy of Deed Poll executed by parents for change of name (including ethnic characters)
  • Original and 1 photocopy of Baptism / Religious Certificate for insertion of religious name
  • For Singapore Permanent Resident: Foreign Passport, Certificate of Identity with valid Re-Entry Permit

For an overview of the process, please refer to the following weblink
IC Registration for 15-year-olds

If you have any queries or if any of the students are unable to be present for the Registration at the designated date and time, please inform Ms Kong Ai Choo (at General Office 6571 7200) or email at kong_ai_choo@sst.edu.sg

Absentees will have to proceed to ICA directly with their parents to register for their NRICs. Thank You.

Friday, 22 August 2014

New timetable wef Monday (25 Aug 2014)

Dear students,

Please note that there will be a new timetable (Ver9b) with effect from this coming Monday (25 Aug).

You may refer to the new timetable HERE.

*Updated Saturday (23 Aug 2014)*

Thursday, 21 August 2014

A Day of Celebrations – 15 September 2014

The school has done well in many areas due to the hard work and commitment from all staff and students.

In recognition of your contribution and achievements, SST will declare a day of celebration on 15 September 2014, Monday and students will not need to report to school on that day.

The General Office will still remain open from 7.00 a.m. – 6.00 p.m.

Thank you.
Warmest regards,
School of Science and Technology, Singapore.

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Principal’s Letter : School Updates (August 2014)

Dear Students,

We are pleased to enclose the Principal’s Letter to Parents, Ref: SST/P/14-065, dated 19 August 2014
In line with our “Go Green” initiative, you will only receive this letter in the soft copy form. It is also made available in the parent’s corner.

**Updated 20 August 2014

Thank you.
Warmest regards,
School of Science and Technology, Singapore.

Monday, 18 August 2014

[Sec 4 MTL Students] Release of GCE 'O' MTL Result (Thur, 21 Aug)

Dear Students,

This announcement is for Sec 4 MTL students. 
The GCE ‘O’ Level Mother Tongue Languages results will be announced on Thursday, 21st August 2014.  
All Sec 4 MTL students are to report to Lecture Theatre at 1.30 p.m.  
You are to be present in person in proper SST uniform in order to receive the result.  
The results of students who are absent will not be revealed to others.  

All the best!
Thank you.

Mother Tongue Dept

Saturday, 16 August 2014

[Sec 3 only] Sec 3 Public Survey and Educational Outreach 2014

Dear Sec 3 students,

During an assembly session that took place a month ago (14 July) , you were briefed on a 2-part Sec 3 cohort community project that comprises of a public education outreach to selected households in Southwest CDC and also a demographics survey on these households. In that session, you were also exposed to some communication strategies that could be employed when you engage the residents living in these households.

The service and learning objectives of the entire cohort project are:
  • to enable students to reach out to the less-privileged residents staying in Southwest CDC region by playing the role of ambassadors in educating the residents on health, safety and civic matters.
  • to enable students to conduct a demographics survey with the community, in which the collated data will be subsequently channeled to various VWOs/ NGOs for the planning of appropriate programmes based on the community needs.
  • to let students appreciate the inter-generational relationships and bonds that could be forged in the course of the project.

Please take note that based on the recommendations from Southwest CDC, it has been decided that the scale for the first run of this cohort project will be kept small, so as to allow us to pilot test the community service with a select group of volunteers.

Therefore, the first run of this cohort project (i.e. the educational outreach on the 23 August, Saturday) is only meant for selected classes: S3-02, S3-04 and S3-08 only. As for the other Sec 3 classes, they will be doing a similar community service (by class) after the End-of-Year exams in Term 4 (actual dates to be confirmed, but most probably on Saturdays).

The details of the first run of the project are as follows:

Date (Day): 23 August 2014 (Saturday)
Time: 0900-1500hrs
Reporting Venue: SST MPH (report at 0900hrs)
Participants: Students from S3-02, S3-04 and S3-08
Service Location: Rental blocks in Clementi
Attire: School Uniform

Students from S3-02, S3-04 and S3-08, kindly ensure that you have received a copy of the consent form for this community service from your class Service Learning reps. Reply slips are to be returned through your reps and back to Mr Seth Tan by next Monday, 18 August 2014.

For the above-mentioned classes, I will also be sending out a separate email on the 18 August (next Monday), the pre-service reflection Googleform for this community service.

Thank you and see you for the community service on the 23 August (0900-1500hrs)!

Mr Seth Tan
on behalf of the Youth Service Committtee

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

S4 Oral Exam - 14 and 28 August - Venues - Out-of-Bounds

The GCE O-Level EL Oral Examination will take place from 14 to 28 Aug 2014 between 2pm to 6:30pm. Unlike previous Oral Examinations, this examination will take place in the MTL rooms on the 4th level of Block B (the block housing the cafe). As such, your assistance is required to ensure a conducive environment for the Sec 4s to take their examination.

Please refrain from making noise in the following areas between 2pm to 6:30pm.

(a) Atrium 
(b) Canteen 
(c) Eco Pond 
(d) Block A (Auditorium block) on the side facing Block B 
(e) Block C (classroom blocks) lower sec classrooms facing Block B 
(f) Any linkway from Block C to Block B

The following areas will be out of bounds:
(a) Rooms B4-01, B4-02, B4-03 and B4-04 (MTL rooms). Affected lessons have been relocated. Students, please check the venue with your MTL teachers.
(b) Linkway connecting Block C (classroom block) to Block B,
(c) Study Area on the 4th level near the lift(d) Block B Study Area between Room B4-02 and B4-03.

(e) Sections of the Block B staircase nearest to the field 

Thank you for your cooperation. 

Mr Ong Chin Meng

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Building IDA Labs on Wheels Competition

Submit an original artwork and you could get the chance to win prizes and be part of the making of Labs on Wheels! 

IDA Labs on Wheels is an initiative that aims to seed interest and excite students to study technology. This is a bus that will travel to schools and conduct fun activities such as coding a game in an hour, tinkering with devices, making high technology devices and programming a robot. It will expose students to the possibilities that can be created with technology, by showing them interesting and innovative game technologies to excite them to study in this field. 

  1. Gather a team of not more than 3 people.
  2. Create your own design for the exterior skin of a typical 40-seater bus.
  3. Click the 'goo.gl/T5VSNY' for more information

Submit by 15 August 2014.

So put on your creative hat and design a cutting-edge, sleek, futuristic looking bus!

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

2014 National Day Celebration@SST (8th August Programme)

Dear SST Students,

On 8th August 2014, SST will be celebrating Singapore's 49th Birthday.  PforSST with SST NE Team has planned an interesting programme for you.

You are strongly encouraged to dress appropriately in Red &/White top with S&W shorts. Otherwise, you may come in full school uniform. Please do not mix your school pants/culottes with a red/white t-shirt.

Do look out for National Day slides & songs being played in school.  It will help you in various activities.  Good luck!

Please report for morning assembly (before 7.40 a.m.) at ISH.  We will end at 11 a.m.

National Science Challenge 2014 - Quarterfinals

The National Science Challenge will telecast from 
5th August 2014 @ 7 pm for 7 weeks.

The SST team has participated and will be showcased 
on 12th August 2014 @ 7pm on Channel 5 in the Group B match.

They will pit their Science skills against the following schools:
Victoria, ACS(I), and Bukit Panjang Government High in Group B. 

The competition format resembles the World Cup, except for a smaller number of teams: 

Quarter Finals - 16 teams with 4 teams in 4 quarter-final matches 
- Groups A, B, C, D  
(SST is in Group B) 

Semi-Finals - 6 teams with 3 teams in 2 semi-final matches 
- First Semi-finals (Group E): A1, B1, Best 2nd Place in C/D groups 
- Second Semi-finals (Group F) : C1, D1, Best 2nd Place in A/B groups 

Finals - 3 teams
- E1, F1, and Best 2nd Place in E/F group

Thanks to Ms Patricia for being our fashion consultant 
and Dr Christopher for providing the students consultation and props.

Stay tuned for the telescast. 

Info Hub is closed today 5th August 2014

Info Hub is closed today, 5th August 2014. Any inconvenience caused is much regretted.

Monday, 4 August 2014

Info hub display in canteen

Dear students,

Info Hub will be having a book loan display on 7 August 2014.

in the canteen during recesses. Look out for our new arrivals from various well-known authors, 
We will be displaying both fiction and non-fiction selections.

See you there.

Infohub Committee

Saturday, 2 August 2014

Vote for National Chinese Short Film Competition 2014

Dear all,

We have two teams of students participating in the National Chinese Short Film Competition 2014. 

The teams would like the SST community to support their efforts by visiting the following websites and vote for them. 

Team 1(手足之情):



Thank you for your support. 

Ms Yap Hui Min 叶慧敏Academic staff, CL department