Monday 31 August 2020

SAW Celebration on 3rd September

Dear Students, 

The Peer Support Board (PSB) is proud to helm the Finale of Staff Appreciation Week (SAW) 2020 on 3rd September. 

  • To inculcate a positive culture in which the SST community readily shows our gratitude.

  • To extend an appreciation for the guidance put in by all SST staff in contributing to and supporting the well-being and learning of our students;

  • To promote an inclusive culture of kindness in the school. (SAW is an integral part of the kindness programme that PSB is currently collaborating with the Singapore Kindness Movement)

The theme for SAW 2020:

"Gratitude: Thankful Now, Thankful Forever"

Things to bring

1. Silent Reading Material

2. Thermometer

3. Items for #Celebratingwithstaff

4. Simple Snack for own consumption

Dismissal Timing

Sec 1: 10:50 am

Sec 2: 10:55 am

Sec 3: 11:05 am

Sec 4: 11:00 am

Thank you

Proudly presented by the Peer Support Board

Tuesday 25 August 2020

Junior House Leaders Selection

Dear students, 

The application for Secondary 2 students to join as Junior House Leader is open from now till 31 Aug 2020 (Monday) (12 pm).

This is an excellent opportunity for aspiring students to develop leadership skills and to lead and serve SST as part of the House Exco. Interested students are strongly encouraged to apply.

Endorsement forms may be obtained from the General Office while the Self Nomination Form can be assessed via this URL:

A valid application should consist of a scanned completed copy of the Endorsement Form and a completed Self Nomination Form.

For further enquires, please approach any of the following teachers
  1. Mr Ng Jun Wei
  2. Mr Lam Hin Chew
Thank you.

Friday 7 August 2020

SYF x NDP Stronger Together! Showcase by SST students

Dear students, 

As part of NDP 2020, the #SYFstrongerTogether Project aims to unite youths in expressing their hopes and aspirations for Singapore as we celebrate our National Day. 

At the start of this term, SST students spent time during CCE lesson reflecting on how they overcame challenges as individuals and as a family and expressed messages of hope and resilience to encourage others in celebration of our nation’s 55th birthday through writing and/or drawing. 

We are pleased to inform you that the artwork of some of our students' is being showcased as part of the Online Interactive Artwork #SYFstrongerTogether Project. 

You may view their artwork in the link below. 

Kindly click on the icon with "SECONDARY SCHOOL &JC/MI" and search for SST to view the online artwork by our students. 


Wishing you a HAPPY NATIONAL DAY and an enjoyable day ahead! :)


Thursday 6 August 2020

2020 GCE O-Level English Language Oral Exam

Dear Sec 4 students

The GCE O-Level EL e-ORal examination will take place from 17 Aug (Mon)  to 26 Aug (Wed) between 1:45 p.m. and 6:00 p.m.

Please find the exam briefing slides, instructions to candidates (added precautionary measures) and oral schedule in the following links:

3. Instructions to Candidates (added precautionary measures)

Please approach your respective EL teachers or email me if you need further clarification.

Ms Han Siu Yin

Wednesday 5 August 2020

National Day Programme (Fri 7th Aug)

Dear students,

As part of the National Day 2020 celebrations on Friday (7th Aug), a series of activities has been arranged.  Please find the timeline of the programme below:



Morning Assembly

(0740 - 0800)

Flag raising ceremony

Reading of the 2020 National Day message

Playing of the “Recollections” video

Normal lessons to resume

CCE period

National Day Special Lesson 

As part of the celebrations, all students are highly encouraged to wear red & white clothing.  For students, please take note of the following dressing guidelines:

  • Students are encouraged to be dressed in Red &/White attire

  • Attire should still adhere to the fundamental philosophy of the SST Student Code of Conduct and uphold the dignity of both the SST student and the school.

  • Please remember the usual rules of decency and apply in the choice of your outfit.  As such, revealing clothes and clothes with objectionable/ offensive text/prints should not be worn.

  • Students are required to wear covered shoes.

  • Students who do not wish to come in red and white can choose to don the full school uniform and are reminded to not be in half uniform. e.g. S&W and school pants, Red t-shirt with school pants

  • Please note that for S&W lessons, students will have to change into appropriate S&W attire.

Monday 3 August 2020

Extension of Concessionary Travel for All Sec 4 Students

Dear Sec 4 Students,

Please note that the concessionary travel for all Secondary 4 (Express) students who are taking the GCE "O" Level examinations in 2020 will expire on 31 Dec 2020. 

Please present your School Smart Card (SSC) at any Transit Link (TL) Ticket Office, Concession Card Replacement Office (CCRO), Passenger Service Centre (PSC), Add Value Machine (AVM) or the General Ticketing Machine (GTM) to extend the concession validity of your SSCs to continue enjoying concessionary travel till 31 Jan 2021.

All students can start to activate the extension with effect from 3 Aug 2020 and the last day for extension of concessionary travel is 15 Sep 2020.  Please call TL-Hotline at 1800-2255 663 for assistance if you encounter problem extending the concession validity. TL's Hotline Operating hours are from 8am - 6pm daily and they are closed on Public Holidays.

Students who are paying their fare charges through GIRO or Auto Credit Card are also required to extend the concession validity of their SSCs at any of the machines/offices mentioned at para 2 above.


Unstructured Play

Dear Students,

Guidelines for Unstructured Play
Use of Venue
1. The use of the various venues will be based on first come first serve basis.
2. Once the number of groups allowed for each venue is fully taken up, groups that come later
will be turned away. They are not to loiter around the venue.
3. Students must register their full names and classes using the QR code provided by the
teacher on duty before they can start to play.
4. The use of the venues is only allowed during specific recess breaks (not every recess break)
and with teacher supervision. If the teacher on duty is not at the venues, students are not allowed
to start their play.  
5. No unstructured play should take place before and after school.

Venues and Number of Groups Per Venue

ISH (Basketball only)
Allowed 4 groups with each group of maximum 5 students all from the same class, the 4 groups can be from different classes.

MPH (Badminton only) 
Allowed 2 groups with each group of maximum 4 students all from the same class per court, if the 2
groups are from different classes.

Alternatively, allowed 3 groups with each group of maximum 4 students per court if all the
students in the 3 groups are from the same class

Field and Outdoor Court (not available)
These venues will not be available due to manpower constraints. The field will also not be
available during the timing of 0800 - 1040 as it is used for S&W lessons.

During Activities
1. Students should only play with members of their class in individual or group activities of up
to 5 pax, with 3m distancing between group

2. Loan of PE equipment is allowed, with sharing of common equipment (e.g., basketball) for
up to a group of 5 pax. The common equipment needs to be sanitised after use. 
3. Play should not be strenuous, hence students should wear their masks. Students should not
touch their faces during playtime. 
4. Students should minimise contact during these activities.
5. Safe distancing should be at least 2m between individuals during these activities.
6. Students will end their activities at least 5 minutes before the end of their recess to wipe
down the equipment before returning to the teachers.
7. The teachers will have the right to stop the unstructured play if the students do not follow
instructions from the teachers.

Availability of Venues and Teachers on Duty
For the availability of venues and teachers on duty, please use the link to access the information.

Venues Availability and Teachers on Duty

Thank you.

By Dean, Student Development