Thursday 31 December 2020

[S2/S3/S4] Welcome back to SST in 2021!

 Dear students, 

Welcome back to SST in 2021! We hope that you have had a good break and are looking forward to seeing your friends and teachers back in school! :) 

As you adjust to a new normal in school, here are some reminders when you report to school on 4 Jan 2021 at 8.40am.

Preparing for the School

1. Your Journey to School

  • You are advised to set off earlier than usual from home for school as you may encounter delays due to safe distancing measures on public transport and safe management measures by the school when you arrive. 

  • Please familiarise yourself with the safe measurement measures on the buses and trains if you are taking public transport. 

2. Things to pack: 

  • Bring your own kit (see list below) and avoid sharing essential items to prevent cross-contamination.

    • Face Mask

    • Reusable bag (eg. a plastic “sandwich” bag or paper bag) to store your mask and/or face-shield for hygiene purposes. Label your name and class on your reusable bag.

    • Oral Digital Thermometer

    • Hand sanitiser

    • Wet wipes

    • A box of tissue paper for wiping down of your learning area(s)

  • Remember to bring a book for reading. 

3. Attire and Grooming 

  • A gentle reminder for all students to be appropriately attired in your school uniform and groomed when you report for school. 

4. Safe Management Measures in School

All students are expected to play their part as a responsible member of the SST community by complying with the Safe Management Measures: 

4. Social Responsibility: 

  • Remain at home if you are feeling unwell and seek medical advice. 

  • DO NOT come to school if you are on Leave of Absence (LOA), Stay Home Notice (SHN), Home Quarantine Order (HQO) and Approved Absence (AA). 

  • DO NOT come to school even if you are well but one of your adult household members (18 years old and above) shows flu-like symptoms. Please have your parents inform your form teacher or contact the General Office when this situation arises. 

  • Check and monitor your own temperature daily. 

5.  Maintaining a Safe Distance at All Times

  • Abide by all social distancing measures when commuting between home and school

  • If you take the MRT to school, you are encouraged to walk to and from Dover MRT station and especially from SST to Dover MRT station to school if the weather permits to avoid crowding at the bus-stop. 

  • Maintain social distancing from others at the school gate when entering and leaving the school. 

  • When buying food, obey queue markers on the floor of the canteen for safe distancing. You are encouraged to join the queue that is cleared faster. 

  • To facilitate the quick clearance of queues, most canteen stalls will be offering a fixed standard menu on a pick-and-go basis. You are advised to plan ahead so as to avoid browsing to see what is being offered by each stall.  

6. Practising Good Hygiene Upon Arrival in School 

  • Wash hands with soap and water or clean hands with hand sanitiser

  • Report directly to your classroom. 

  • No playing of sport games (free/ unstructured play) or board games.

  • Wipe down your desk area.

  • Wash hands with soap and water or clean hands with hand sanitiser after wipe-down.

S1 Orientation programme (4 - 8 Jan 2021)

 Dear 2021 Sec 1 students,
Welcome to the SST! We look forward to welcome you to the community! Here is the schedule for Orientation 2021 (Week 1). 

Attire and What to Bring

4 - 8 Jan 2021 

(Monday - Friday)

Reporting Attire:

- SST Official Uniform

 (SST Polo Tee, Pants/Skort)

- Black Belt for gentlemen (optional)

- Covered Shoes

  1. Attire:

    1. Students are allowed to wear primary school uniform and physical education attire if they are unable to purchase SST school attire.

    2. Students are only allowed to wear covered shoes of any colour to school.

    3. For jackets, students are only allowed to wear the SST School Jacket.

Important Notes

  • For students under medication or with special medical requirements, please specify in the medical declaration form (attached to the parental consent form). Students will have to alert a teacher before taking any medication. SST will not administer any medication for students.

  • If you would like to wear a jacket within the SST Campus, please buy the SST School Jacket from the bookshop as no personal jackets should be worn. 

  • No valuables (e.g., Learning Devices/MacBooks, gaming devices, MP3 players) should be brought to school. Mobile phones should be brought for emergency communication, but its usage will only be permitted during certain times during the camp. An emergency mobile number will be provided in lieu of that.

  • A working thermometer should be brought to school everyday for daily temperature taking. 

  • Bring your own rag for wipedown activities.

  • Unless eating or undergoing strenuous activities, masks should be worn at all times in school.

  • Please practice social responsibility and remain at home if you are feeling unwell and seek medical advice. 

[S2/S3/S4] Welcome Back to School Programme for Secondary 2, 3 and 4 students (4 & 5 January 2021)

Dear Sec 2, 3 and 4 students,

Happy New Year! Welcome Back to School! 

Here is the Welcome Back to School Programme (Term 1 Week 1 : 4 & 5 January 2021) for your reference. 

Please report to your classroom when you arrive in school. 
Do remember to bring a book for silent reading, a lock to secure your lockers, a rag for classroom cleaning and a working thermometer on the first day of school.

Here are the dismissal times for the first two days of school. 

4 January 2021 
Sec 2 : 1320
Sec 3 : 1340
Sec 4 : 1400

5 January 2021 
Sec 2 : 1340
Sec 3 : 1320
Sec 4 :  As per usual timetable

See you in school on Monday (4 January 2021)!

Wishing you a great year ahead! :)