Tuesday 23 April 2024


《七日打卡活动》(7 Days Check-In Activity)

1. 学生要在早报校园网上完成一个任务:

   (Students must complete any of the following tasks on ZBSchools)

  • 阅读新闻 (Read a News Article)

  • 观看视频 (Watch a Video Clip)

  • 口试练习 (Complete an Oral Practice)

  • 其他在早报校园网的资源 (Other Resources on ZBSchools)

2. 填一个打卡表格,分享你对任务的感想,学习点和遇到的困难。

  (Fill up a form, share about your task’s afterthoughts, learning points, and difficulties faced.)

3. 参加的学生能为自己的班积分!

   (Participants will get to accumulate points for their class!)

Here is the Google Form


《转轮盘游戏》 (Spin-the-Wheel)

1. 学生阅读《早报校园网》回答问题

(Read the website passages to answer the questions.)

2. 每个学生只能参加一次!

   (You can only participate once!)

3. 答对题的学生可以获得礼物

   (You will get a small prize for the correct answer.)

4. 每位答对问题的学生将为自己的班赢得1分

   (Each correct answer will grant 1 point to your class.)

5. 游戏将在休息时间进行,每周两次

   (The game will be held twice a week during break.)


《电子海报设计比赛》 (E-Poster Design Competition)


  1. 要用华文设计电子海报

 (Use Chinese to design e-poster)

2. 介绍早报校园网的功能(可以多过一个功能),并分享这个功能如何帮助学生学习华文

(Introduce one (or more) function in ZBschools, and share how the function helps students to learn Chinese)

3. 通过谷歌表格提交

(Submit through Google Form