Tuesday, 30 April 2019

[S1, S2, S3] Australian Mathematics Competition

Dear Students,

You are invited to take part in the Australian Mathematics Competition which will be held on the afternoon of 1 August (Thursday) in SST. The exact time and location will be confirmed at a later date.

All S1-S3 students are eligible to sign up. (S4s are not eligible as this will clash with their prelim exams.) The competition fee is 6.50 Australian Dollars and will be collected through Edusave. If you do not have sufficient Edusave funds, it will be collected through GIRO. 

If you are keen to sign up, kindly sign up here

Should you have further questions, you can contact Mr Chen at  chen_jin_quan@sst.edu.sg. 

Friday, 19 April 2019

2019 S4 Assessment Schedule & Amended Common Test Schedule

Original post on 15 March 2019

Dear S4 students,

A gentle reminder that there will be two briefings conducted next week:
(a) Common Test - 22 Apr (Mon), 08:30-09:00, Auditorium
(b) Science Practical Exam - 23 Apr (Tue), 07:30-08:00 Auditorium.

In preparation for the briefings, please familiarise yourself with the Seating Plans & Seat Allocations in the links below:
2019 S4 Common Test Briefing - Students
2019 S4 Common Test - Seating Plans & Seat Allocations- Students

2019 Common Test Briefing (Practical) - Students
2019 Science Practical Exam Information Booklet
2019 S4 CT Science Practical Exam - Shift Plan, Lab and Seat Allocation - Students

By Mrs Lim Woon Foong, HOD Science


Dear S4 students,

(a) Assessment Schedule
Please find S4 Assessment Schedule for your reference.

(b) Common Test Schedule

Please find amended schedule: 2019 S4 Common Test Schedule - ver 2 for your reference. Amendments are in blue text.

Do familiarise yourselves with the Exam Rules and Regulations.

Two briefings will be conducted:
(a) Common Test - 22 Apr (Mon), 07:30-08:00, Auditorium
(b) Science Practical Exam - 23 Apr (Tue), 07:30-08:00 Auditorium.

Please share the Common Test Schedule with your parents/guardian.

By Mrs Lim Woon Foong, HOD Science

Monday, 15 April 2019

2019 Sec 4 English Oral Prelim Exam (22 to 25 Apr): Out-of-Bounds Venues

The Sec 4 English Oral Preliminary Examination will take place on 22, 23, 24 and 25 Apr 2019,

  • 22 April Monday: 3:00 pm to 6:30 pm
  • 23 April Tuesday: 3.15 pm to 6:30 pm
  • 24 April Wednesday: 2.30 pm to 6:30 pm
  • 25 April Thursday: 3.15 pm to 6:30 pm

The designated exam venue and waiting room will be Info Hub (Level 5) and Tutorial Room 3 (B-05-05) respectively.

As such, your assistance is required to ensure a conducive environment for the Sec 4s to take their examination. Please refrain from making noise in the vicinity of Block A, especially areas nearer to the Info Hub as your noise might affect the performance of those taking the oral examination.

The following venues will be out of bounds 15 minutes before the start of the examination:

  • Info Hub (Level 5)
  • Tutorial Room 3
  • Level 5 linkway from Block C to Block B and from Block B to Block A

Thank you for your cooperation.

Mr Karlson Goh
Sec 4 EL Level Coordinator

Thursday, 11 April 2019

S2 Outdoor Education Expedition (OEE) Camp Briefing Slide

Dear Sec 2,

Thank you for attending the Sec 2 Outdoor Education Expedition (OEE) Camp Briefing.
We have attached the briefing slide with the packing list for your reference.

See you all at OEE Camp!

SW Department

Friday, 5 April 2019

School-based HPV Vaccination Programme (For Sec 1 Female Students) on 11 April 2019

Dear Sec 1 Students (Female Students Only),

Please note that the HPV vaccination for all Sec 1 female students (whose parents have given consent) will be conducted on 11 April 2019, Thursday.  

Please refer to the schedule below and report punctually for the vaccination in your S&W attire.  Thank you.  

HPV Vaccination Schedule at School of Science and Technology, Singapore
Level : Secondary 1 Female students only
Date : 11 Apr 2019
Venue : Blk B, 05-03
Time Class
8.30am S1-08
9.00am S1-01
9.30am S1-02
10.00am S1-03
10.40am S1-04
11.00am S1-05
11.30am  S1-06
12.00pm S1-07
* Health Booklets are not required

Annual School-Based Health Screening 2019 (Updated Schedule)

Dear Students,

(All Secondary 1 and 2 students and selected Secondary 3 and 4 students)

Please note that there has been some changes to the class schedule for the Health Screening.  Please check back on the schedule posted in the original message which has now been updated, or you may click HERE.  

Thank you.  

Tuesday, 2 April 2019

Annual School-Based Health Screening 2019

Dear Students,

(All Secondary 1 and 2 students and selected Secondary 3 and 4 students)

The Annual School-Based Health Screening for our students will be conducted from 8 April 2019, Mon to 17 Apr 2019, Wed.   Please refer to the letter from the Health Promotion Board HERE. 

Date:  8 April 2019, Monday - 17 April 2019, Wednesday
Venue:  Block B, Room 05-01/02

Time:  During curriculum time. Please click HERE to view the class schedule.

Important, please note:

(1) For both Secondary 1 and 2 students - please come in PE attire.  For new foreign students, please bring your Health Booklet and Immunization Certificates.  HPV vaccination for Sec 1 female students (whose parents have given consent) will be conducted on 11 April 2019, Thursday.   

(2) For Secondary 3 and 4 students - you may either come in PE attire or school uniform.

(3) Only selected students from Secondary 3 and 4 will be screened.  Students selected for the Health Screening will be informed separately.  

(4) Please be punctual for the Health Screening.

(5) Absentees will have to do their Health Screening on 17 April 2019, Wednesday.

Self-Checking Vision Screening Chart (for Sec 1, 3 and 4 Students)

HPB has provided a vision screening chart to the School (sponsored by Essilor Singapore).  As vision screening by the HPB team will only be conducted for Sec 2 students, students from Sec 1, 3 and 4 can use it to check their own visual acuity if they suspect worsening of vision.  The Vision Screening Chart and the instructions for use have been put up outside the ICT Helpdesk.  

For students supported on 100% Independent School Bursary (ISB) and who may require spectacles based on the vision screening results, a $50 voucher for spectacles frame and a voucher for free lenses will be issued.  These vouchers are redeemable at participating optical shops and a list of these optical shops will be given to the students.  Students (100% ISB only) who require spectacles will need to provide their Visual Acuity Reading in the Googleform (HERE) by 5 April 2019. 

For further clarification, please contact SST General Office at Tel: 6571 7200. Thank you.

Monday, 1 April 2019

Marine Plastic Pollution Workshop @ SST

Dear Lower Secondary Students,

In conjunction with Earth Week in Term 2 Week 4, the Environment Education Committee is conducting a workshop on Marine Plastic Pollution.

Activities of the workshop include:
  • Lecture
  • Hands-on activity: sieving marine debris from sediment on our shores, analysis of debris

Date: 18th April (Thursday)

Time: 3pm - 5pm
Venue: Lecture Theatre

If you are interested to learn more about marine plastic pollution, sign up for the workshop* at this link: https://goo.gl/FGkvCL 

*This workshop is not for students who attended the Marine Plastics Pollution workshop at the St. John’s Island Marine Laboratory last term.

If you have any queries, please email Ms Rachel Yau at rachel_yau@sst.edu.sg

Thank you.