Thursday, 27 January 2022

LNY Quiz Day 3

Dear Students,

This is Day 3 of the LNY Quiz.
Please refer to LNY Quiz Day 3 for details.

All the best!

Peng Wee Chuen, HOD MTL

Wednesday, 26 January 2022

SST Sec 4 Service-Learning Projects - Food Drive by S4-04

As part of the Secondary Four service-learning projects, S4-04 will be carrying out a food drive in collaboration with Food from the Heart, Singapore. 

Through our project, we hope to educate the SST community on food waste and food insecurity while also collecting donations of food items for the needy. 

Hence, we seek your support to donate food items to the food drive. Donated items will be given to needy families through Food from the Heart, Singapore. 

Collection of food items will be from February 3 to February 18 2022. Collection points will be set up near the ISH, the General Office, and the walkways on levels 4 and 5 in Block C. 

To ensure minimal food wastage, please only donate:

  • Rice in smaller packs (1kg or 2.5kg) Vermicelli / Bee Hoon

  • Milo / Ovaltine / Horlicks (less sugar) Canned Vegetables / Mock Meat Coffee / Tea (less sugar)

  • Canned Fish / Chicken

  • Biscuits

  • Canned Soup

  • Evaporated Milk

  • Cooking Oil (500ml or 1L) 

  • Bread Spread

Foods donated should not have an expiration date before June 1 2022. We look forward to making a difference.  

For any inquiries, please contact or 

~A collaboration project between ACE@SST and S4-04.

LNY Quiz Day 2

Dear Students,

LNY Quiz #2 is here. 
Please refer to LNY Quiz Day 2 for details.

All the best!

Peng Wee Chuen, HOD MTL

Tuesday, 25 January 2022

LNY Quiz Day 1

Dear Students,

LNY Quiz #1 starts today. 
Please refer to LNY Quiz Day 1 for details.

All the best!

Peng Wee Chuen, HOD MTL

Monday, 24 January 2022

2022 Junior Leadership Board Application

Dear S2s,

The 2022 Junior Leadership Board is now open for application. Interested students please refer to the email sent to you. Deadline for application is this Fri, 28 Jan 2022.

Thank you.

Monday, 17 January 2022

2022 Math Challenge #1

SST Math Challenge is back for another year! 

This week's challenge may seem easy, but make sure you take a closer look 🐛👀.

If you're confident you know the answer, submit your response here 
by 21 Jan 2022 (Fri), 5 pm.

If you would like to suggest a question, please email  

From the Mathematics Department

Thursday, 13 January 2022

International Mathematics Contest 2022

SST Students are invited to take part in the 2022 International Math Contest.

The contest will be held online from 1 February to 14 February 2022. It is a 30-min online paper.

The contest is free of charge (there is another option with payment, but students do not need to choose that)

The official website is as follows:

Students will need their parents/guardians to set up an account for them on the website. Students are to type their full names for registration.

On the day of the contest: 
Students are to choose the appropriate papers (Grade 7 for Sec 1, Grade 8 for Sec 2, Grade 9 for Sec 3, and Grade 10 for Sec 4) and to work on them without external help. Submit their answers accordingly.

Once their parents have received the details of the results via e-mail (e-certificate and ranking) around a week later, students are to take a screenshot of the results. Rename the screenshot to the class, index number and the name of the student (e.g. S2-09 08 Ang Tze Kiat) and deposit them in this Google Form. This form will be closed on 28 February 2022 (Monday) 5 p.m. Late entries will be not entertained.

An e-mail will be sent to the students acknowledging their entry. The contest will be registered as an enrichment activity in the CCA records of the respective student only when the screenshot has clearly stated the full name of the student.

For queries, please contact Mr Samuel Lee at

Mathematics Department

Wednesday, 12 January 2022

Lunch Time Seating Plan for CCAs

 Dear Students,

As we start our CCAs today, we will continue to use the allocated seating plan for each CCA last year when you have your lunch in the canteen before your CCA.

Please adhere to the SMM and maintain social distancing by not sitting on the seats that were crossed out.

The link for the seating plan is appended for your reference.

2022 CCA Lunch Time Seating Plan

Thank you.

Mr Lam Hin Chew

Dean SD 

Tuesday, 11 January 2022

[S1] Student iCON account: (1) Password Reset (2) Account Activation

Dear S1 students 

You will need to use the Student iCON account to access the swn@ssoe network (i.e. internet)

  • If you have logged in to your iCON account (when in primary school) but have forgotten your password, you may reset your password at by following these steps

  • If you have not activated your Student iCON account yet
    • You will receive the username and password from your form teacher (latest by end of today).
    • Read the info and follow the steps carefully (

Please approach the IT HelpDesk if you need further assistance (e.g. reset of passsword)

Monday, 10 January 2022

2022 CCA Schedule

Dear Students,

CCA will start for Sec 2, 3 and 4 students this Wednesday 12 Jan. The link is shown below. 

2022 CCA Schedule

Your CCA teacher will inform you of the details also.

Thank you.

Mr Lam Hin Chew

Dean, Student Development

Friday, 7 January 2022

Release of 2021 GCE O-Level Examination Results

This announcement is for all 2021 Secondary 4 students. 

2021 GCE O-Level Examination Results will be released on Wednesday, 12 January 2022 at 2:00 p.m.

1. Reporting Information and Safe Management Measures 
Given the COVID-19 situation, students are expected to observe the Safe Management Measures (SMMs) put in place.
Students are to report directly to their respective venues by 1:30 p.m. 




Physics Lab 1 (Block C, Level 2)


Learning Oasis 1 (Block C, Level 3)


Physics Lab 2 (Block C, Level 2)


Engineering Lab (Block C, Level 2)


Maker Lab (Block C, Level 2)


ADMT Studio (Block C, Level 2)


MPR4 (Block C, Level 3)


Seminar Room (Block C, Level 3)

Students are advised to arrive in SST between 1.00 p.m. to 1.30 p.m. Students are not to report 
to SST before 1.00 p.m. so as to avoid intermingling with current students. 
Only SST students will be allowed to enter the school to collect their results. Parents who drop off their children at the school will have to leave immediately after dropping off. No parking is allowed in the school.
Students are to have SafeEntry check-in done when they arrive at Gate A and B of the school and to ensure that Trace Together token or app with them. 
Students issued the Ministry of Health’s Health Risk Warning (HRW) will be allowed to collect their results in person if they test negative using Antigen Rapid Test (ART) on the day of the results release before going to school. 
Students who are unwell or self-isolating due to a positive COVID-19 test result should not return to school to collect their results and Form A.

2. Items to bring
Students are to bring along their NRIC/Passport/Birth Certificate/Student Pass for identification purposes. Writing materials are optional. 

3. Dress code & grooming 
All students must be properly attired in FULL SST uniform.
Student’s grooming (i.e. hair colour, length, appearance) must adhere to the school’s standards. 
Students who fail to comply will be turned away at the Guardhouse. They will be allowed to enter the school premises once they have addressed their attire and grooming.

4. For students arriving later than 3.00 p.m. but before 5.30 p.m.
Students are to collect their result slip ((Form A1) from the General Office. 
Students are required to present their NRIC/Passport/Birth Certificate/Student Pass to the staff member at the General Office for verification.

5. For students who are unable to collect their result slips on 12 January 2022
●. Students may view their results online via the SEAB Candidates Portal at  from 2.45 p.m. on 12 January 2022. The system will be accessible from 12 to 26 January 2022. School candidates who are eligible for SingPass can use their SingPass account to access SEAB’s online results release system. Students can access the results release system using the SEAB-issued PIN sent to their email addresses which their schools had provided to SEAB.

 Students can also appoint a proxy to collect the physical copy of their result slip (Form A ) [1] on their behalf. 
Proxy may collect the result slip (Form A1) [1] from the General Office from 12 January, 3.00 p.m. onwards. Proxy is required to present the following documents to the staff member at the General Office before he/she is able to collect the result slip.  
SST Authorisation Letter duly completed.
Student’s NRIC/Passport/Birth Certificate/Student Pass.
Proxy’s original NRIC.
Result slip (Form A1) must be collected from the General Office latest by Friday, 14 January 2022, 5.30 p.m.. 
Students are to contact 65717-200 (during office hours of 8:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.) for assistance if they are unable to appoint a proxy or if they have not received their password for SEAB’s results release system.

Here are some references that students may find useful in guiding them to make an informed decision for their next phase of education. 

For any further queries, please contact Mr Tan Chuan Leong (Level Head, Upper Secondary) at 

Thank you for your cooperation and wishing you all the best! 

[1] Form A will list the applicant’s GCE O-Level examination results, the courses which he/she is eligible to apply for under the JAE, and his/her JAE PIN (i.e. a personal password for the applicant to access JAE-IS).

[S2, S3, S4] Student iCON account & swn@ssoe network

Dear Students

Please submit the FORM if you encounter technical issue related to the Student iCON account and the connection to the swn@ssoe network so that the IT HelpDesk is able to diagnose and follow-up with the issues raised in a more systematic manner; and subsequently get back to you.

Thank you for your patience. 

IT HelpDesk

Tuesday, 4 January 2022

2022 ACE@SST: Service Learning Programme, Volunteering and Service Hours Matters

Dear students and parents, 

A very happy 2022 to everyone. 2020 and 2021 has seen many disruptions and changes to school programmes. The Active Citizenship Education (ACE) Committee has the following programmes in place this year to ensure our students continue to participate meaningfully in improving their community. 

Secondary 1: 

Basic Advocacy and Service Education programme (Term 4) 

Secondary 2: 

Learning Alliance Beyond Borders (LABB) (year long) 

Secondary 3: 

Cohort-wide School Led Service projects (Term 2 to 3) 

Secondary 4: 

Cohort-wide School Led Service projects (Term 1 to 2) 

Other than the cohort-wide service-learning programs, we wish to encourage student agency and further service opportunities are available through, 

  1. Volunteering with Student-initiated projects organised by the ACE student leaders. 

  2. Initiating your own service projects

  3. Volunteering with external organisations. 

Volunteering through Student-initiated projects. 

The ACE student leaders will organise student initiated service projects from time to time and will seek volunteers. Students are encouraged to sign up for them. Examples of projects are collaborations with Singapore Cancer Society and MCYS. 

Self-initiated service projects

Students are also encouraged to initiate their own service projects in the areas they are passionate about. If you are keen, please write in to the relevant teachers-in-charge or seek out a fellow ACE student leader who will guide you from there. 

Volunteering with external organisations. 

SST recognises service rendered to external organisations provided certain conditions are met. Please note the following information on volunteering and submission of service hours documents. 

(i) Before volunteering: Get permission from your parents/ guardians before signing up with the external organisation.

(ii) After volunteering: Obtain an official document from the external organisation with your full name and the hours volunteered. This document must be signed by the personnel in charge or stamped with the official logo of the organisation.

(iii) Within 2 weeks after the completion of service: Submit a scanned copy or clear photo image of the official document using “ACE@SST: Service Hours SubmissionGoogle Form.

* If you intend to volunteer regularly/ multiple times at the same external organisation, submit the official document only after the last service for the year by 20 November 2022.  

For example, if you intend to volunteer at Willing Hearts every month until December, submit the official document after the last service in December instead of submitting the record every month. 

* For service at an external organisation with a group of friends on the same dates, only 1 representative should submit the Google Form on behalf of the group, attaching the relevant documents for every group member in the form.   

If you have queries on the following service learning matters, you may contact the following teachers:

Queries on ACE programmes, ACE Student leadership and service-projects: 

Mr Alvin Tan (
Mr Keith Wee (

Queries on self-initiated projects: 

Ms Merlene Paik ( )

Ms Althea Ong ( )

Queries on volunteering with external organisations and service hours for LEAPS 2.0:

Ms Althea Ong ( )


Monday, 3 January 2022

2022 Start of CCA (S2, S3, S4)

Dear Students,

This is to inform that CCA will officially start in Term 1 Week 2. The CCA days remain the same on Wednesday and Friday. The official schedule will be shared with you later this week. Your CCA teachers will also provide you with the details accordingly. 

Thank you.

Mr Lam Hin Chew

Dean, Student Development