Friday 26 February 2021

[For Sec 1 & Sec 2 Female Students Only] School-based HPV Vaccination Programme on 5 March 2021, Friday

Dear Sec 1 and Sec 2 Students (Female Students Only),

The Health Promotion Board (HPB) will be offering school-based HPV vaccination to female students in Sec 1 and Sec 2 (whose parents have given consent) on 5 March 2021, Friday.

For Sec 1 Students, parents have been informed via Parents Gateway and they have been advised to log-in to the HPB online portal ( using their SingPass to submit their consent for your vaccination. Please remind them to do so before the date of the vaccination.

Sec 2 Students would have received the first dose of the vaccination during Sec 1 last year (2020) and will be receiving the second dose of the vaccination.

Please refer to the schedule below and report punctually for the vaccination.   

Venue: Blk C, #05-09
5-Mar-210800 - 0840S1-01, S1-02, S1-03
 0840 - 0920S2-01, S2-02
 0920 - 1000S2-03, S2-04, S2-05
 1000 - 1040S2-06, S2-07, S2-08
 1040 - 1120S1-04, S1-05, S1-06
 1120 - 1140S1-07, S1-08

School of Science and Technology, Singapore

Thursday 25 February 2021

[SSEF 2021] Singapore Science and Engineering Fair 2021 Fringe Activities

To celebrate the 21st anniversary of Singapore Science and Engineering Fair (SSEF), the SSEF organising team has prepared a range of STEM talks and virtual learning journeys for students to discover the real-world relevance of their STEM learning in the classroom and a diverse range of STEM applications in everyday life. 

Click HERE to register for the talks.

LINK to website


Dear S4 and S3 (taking HMTL) students,

GCE O-Level Examination registration will take place from 22 Feb to 8 Mar 2020

Step 1: You need to check your Registration Slip carefully and verify your personal particulars and subjects/paper indicated are correct. Any amendments should be made on the Registration Slip clearly. 

Step 2: Sign on your verified Registration Slip.

Step 3: Return your verified Registration Slip to your form teacher by 25 February, Friday, even if there is no amendment. 

Please note the timelines of activities in the attached pdf documents:

You are not allowed to amend your registration entries after 2 July 2020. Please clarify your doubts about any issue in the registration process with your FT or Ms Ng Ee Nee as early as possible.

Posted by Mrs Lim Woon Foong, HOD Science

Wednesday 24 February 2021

First Time Use of School Smart Cards for Concessionary Travel - Sec 1 Students (2021)

Dear Sec 1 Students,

We are pleased to inform you that the School Smart Cards (SSCs) for Secondary One students have been delivered to the school to meet the expiry deadline on the use of the primary level SSCs by the Secondary One students on 30 April 2021.   You will receive your School Smart Card through your respective Form Teachers soon.  

Please note that you are required to activate your card at the TransitLink Ticket Offices / TransitLink Concession Card Replacement Offices / Passenger Service Centres (PSCs) at the MRT / Bus Interchanges by topping-up the value for the card before the SSCs can be used for concessionary travel. In support of national initiative to steer commuters towards adopting e-payments in transit ticketing, top-up at Passenger Services Centre has ceased. However, PSCs will continue to assist in the activation of a concession card for MOE students. To avoid being turned away, students are advised to inform the PSC staff that they would like to activate their concession card.  The minimum top-up value is $5.

Please call TransitLink at 1800 2255663 if you require further clarification.  Thank you.  

School of Science and Technology, Singapore

Monday 22 February 2021

2021 School Dental Service (for Sec 1 and Sec 3 Students)

Dear Students (Secondary 1 and 3),

The School Dental Service (SDS) will commence service to Secondary 1 and 3 students from 24 Feb 2021 (Wednesday) onwards.

Students, whose parents have given consent earlier, will be required to report during school hours, upon request by the Dentist, to the mobile SDS bus which will be stationed at the visitors' car park.

Please note below the class schedule for Sec 1 students.  The schedule for Sec 3 students will start after the March 2021 School holidays and will be shared with students in March.  Please understand that the schedule may be subject to changes depending on the situation each day, due to the nature of the treatment.

For more information, please contact the General Office at Tel: 6571 7200.  Thank you.  

School Of Science and Technology, Singapore 

SST Math Challenge #3

 Dear Students,

Math Challenge #2 starts today. You may participate here:

Note that submissions are open from Monday (22 Feb) to Friday (26 Feb) 5pm.

Here are the previous challenge's top winners by house and class:

If there are any queries, please contact Ms Deana ( or Mr Tan (

Friday 19 February 2021

[S1-S3] Class Test Briefing

Dear students,

Term 1 Class Tests starts on in T1W7 for Secondary 3 and T1W8 for Secondary 1 and 2.

Here are the links to the Class Test Briefing:

2021 S1 Test Briefing to Students - 17 Feb

2021 S2 Test Briefing to Students - 17 Feb

2021 S3 Test Briefing to Students - 17 Feb

Please refer to the TEST/EXAMINATION RULES AND REGULATIONS for details.

Posted by: Mrs Lim Woon Foong, HOD Science

Monday 8 February 2021

SST Math Challenge #2

Dear Students,

Math Challenge #2 starts today. 
You may participate here:

Note that submissions are open from Monday (8 Feb) to Thursday (11 Feb) 5pm.

Here are the previous challenge's top winners by house and class:

If there are any queries, please contact Ms Deana ( or Mr Tan (

From: The Mathematics Department

Friday 5 February 2021

(S2) Guardians of the City II

 Dear Sec 2 students,

the "Guardians of the City II" (GOTC) card game pack had been distributed to you today during the advisory period. This is a gift to all Sec 2 students, as part of Total Defence Day commemoration.

GOTC II was launched in February 2019 and is a Total Defence strategy card game designed to help youths develop a deeper understanding of Singapore’s security threats and the part we play in keeping Singapore safe and secure.

In the game pack, there are a total of 108 cards, consisting of 2 decks of 54 cards. In each deck, there are 2 Rule Cards, 6 Crisis Cards, 30 Defence Cards, 12 Events Cards and 4 Community Support Cards. The game can be played by two players (1 versus 1) or 4 players (2 versus 2).

You are encouraged to play this game with your family members and put Total Defence in action in your everyday lives.


Mr Seth Tan and Ms Esther Tan
NE Committee - Total Defence Day

Thursday 4 February 2021

2021 SASMO Registration

1. You are invited to take part in the Singapore and Asian Schools Math Olympiad (SASMO) 2021.

2. It will be held on 12 April 2021 (Monday) from 4.30 p.m. to 6.00 p.m. using an online Zoom platform.

3. All S1-S4 students are eligible to sign up.

4. There will be 6 compulsory online training lessons for students to complete before going to the competition (which can be taken any time before the competition).

5. The competition fee is $
20 and will be collected through Edusave.

6. If you do not have sufficient Edusave funds, it will be collected through GIRO.

7. If you are keen to sign up, kindly sign up

deadline for signing up will be 26 February 2021 (Friday) 5.00 p.m.

9. Due to the development of COVID-19 situation, more updates will be communicated via your school e-mail once you have signed up.

10. Should you have further questions, you can contact Mr Samuel Lee at

Singapore Mathematical Society Series Lecture 2021

  1. SST Students are invited to attend the Singapore Mathematical Society Series Lecture on Mathematical Models and Epidemics.
  2. The Online Lecture will be held via Zoom on March 11 (Thursday) 2021, 4-5 p.m.
  3. For interested SST students, please sign up via this form (instead of the official website). This is to help in the school's recording purposes. The school will then sign up our students as a group.
  4. The deadline for internal sign up is 12 February (Friday) 2021 5 p.m.
  5. More information can be found on the official website, which is as follows:
  6. For queries, please contact Mr Samuel Lee at

S1 Selection of CCA (Updates)

Dear S1 Students,

Hope you have been well.

As some students had missed the CCA Tryouts last week due to MC, we had to conduct the make-up sessions this week. All S1's should receive the outcomes of the Tryouts via email by this Saturday. If you didn't receive any news from the CCA, that means you are on the waiting list, i.e. you may be accepted into the CCA if the number of applicants is not too many. 

On Friday, you will receive a hard copy CCA Option Form and a similar Google Form. You are to complete both forms with identical choices, i.e. in the same order. The deadline for submission is Monday, 8 Feb, 8am. You must get your parents to sign on the hard copy and you are to submit it to your FT's. Make full use of your 6 choices; Please do not select a CCA if you were told that you did not meet the selection requirements after you have attended the Tryout.

Please refer to the CCA Schedule and avoid clashes with your 3rd Language classes and other commitments, if possible.

Thank you.

Wednesday 3 February 2021

School Safety: Lightning Alert System

 Dear Students,

For strict compliance: All students must seek shelter immediately whenever the lightning alert system is activated. This applies regardless of weather conditions, and it applies to the entire school compound as long as one or more of the system flashing lights are switched on. In addition, students should not be playing in the rain even when the lightning alert system is not activated. 

Tuesday 2 February 2021

[S3] Updated S3 Assessment Plan & Schedule (ver 3)

Dear S3 students,

Please find updated S3 Assessment Plan and Schedule (ver 3).

Amendments are in blue text for the Physics.

Posted by: Mrs Lim Woon Foong, HOD Science

Monday 1 February 2021

Secondary 2 Junior Student Leadership Board Selection

 Dear Secondary 2 students,

Attached are the slides used in this morning's briefing to the cohort about the Junior Leaders' Selection. The link to the self-nomination form is here

[S1] SLS Email Verification Exercise

Dear S1 students

With all of you indicated that you are able to login to the SLS (, the next step is to carry out the email verification exercise so that you can self-reset password if you forget your login password. 
NOTE: SST email address is preferred.
  • For those of you who have not saved any email addresss under your profile OR used your primary school email address, please update your SST email address under your profile
  • For those of you who had used your parents' email address in your profile, you are strongly encouraged to update it with your SST email address so that you can self-reset if need to.
Refer to the instructions (Steps 1-3) in the image below: