Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Cosplay Event in SST on Fri, 16 Sept 2016

Inter-House Cosplay Challenge is back and the cosplaying fun for the whole school continues in SST.

If you are into cosplaying, you might want to volunteer to be the performer(s) for your House and try win points for your House. Please contact your House Captains or Vice-Captains for more information. However, if you would just like to cosplay for fun, then take note of what and when to wear:

There is some testing of creativity as to what to cosplay as especially with the time given for getting ready for it. It is not a lot so start thinking what you could really come as.

All students will come to school in full school uniform or S&W outfits if there are S&W lessons before their recesses.
All cosplayers will take their respective recess breaks to change into their cosplay outfits. These will include cosplayers (both staff and students) who are not representing their Houses in the Inter-House Cosplay Challenge but would like to join in the fun of cosplaying. Everyone is encouraged to cosplay to add to the atmosphere of the event.
Cosplayers who are representing their Houses in the Inter-House Cosplay Challenge are further allowed to leave their classes at 11.45am to do more preparation as the competition will be held in the MPH during assembly period.
With the time restriction, you really have to be creative in how to get the makeup done and consider the characters suitable for the kind of time you have for this event.
We can have fun cosplaying but the costumes we wear need to be appropriate for a school audience. All of you know that costumes which are too revealing or cross-dressing inappropriately will never pass the approval test. Please also do not plonk on a head of a donkey and say it is cosplaying. It really is not. Cosplayers actually take time and pride in what they cosplay as. Those in inappropriate outfits will be requested to change back into their school uniforms or S&W outfits.

If you are not sure, just check with your form teacher, any HOYs, DMs and Ms Patricia Ng who is organising this.
Wearing home clothes is NOT cosplaying. This is not a 'Be Yourself' event but a Cosplay event. The rest of the student population not intending to cosplay will need to remain in their school uniforms but can still enjoy the entertainment of the cosplay event that will culminate with the Inter-House Cosplay Challenge during the Assembly Programme.

Any further queries, please contact Ms Patricia Ng@

Support SST Inc. at [i.code] 2016 Competition

Dear all,

Students from SST Inc. have created an app - "Lost" for the [i.code] 2016 competition on 31 August. Support their work by liking it on Instagram. http://bit.ly/Inc2016icode

Dear Students, 

This week is Staff Appreciation Week and our theme this year is 'Together with Gratitude'.
The Peer Support Board will be hosting activities such as the Booths of Gratitude during your recess, #ThankSSTStaff Instagram contest and many more. 

An annual affair, the Staff Appreciation Celebrations will be held on the 1st of September (Thursday) and for a year of many firsts, we will be having 'Be Yourself Day' together on the same day where all SST students have the privilege to attend school in their home clothes. 

Please adhere to the follow guidelines:

  1. Your attire should not be offensive in design and contain any holes/fraying. 
  2. Students who do not wish to come in home clothes can choose to come in full school uniform.
  3. Students are reminded not to come in Half uniform e.g. S&W top or home top with school pants. 
  4. All students are to be appropriately groomed when they report for school, this includes adhering to SST guidelines on hair, nails and shoes.
  5. Cosplay day will be held separately later in September. Hence please save your breathtaking cosplay costumes for this special event later. 

Programme for the day: 

1st September 2016
0740 - 0750
National symbols
0750 - 0900
Staff Appreciation Concert
0900 - 0910
School Leaders' Message
0910 - 0945
Lower and Upper Secondary Break
0945 - 1030
Class Fun with the PSB
Respective venues
1030 - 1100
Respective venues
Respective venues
Thank you. 

Monday, 29 August 2016

Update on Haze Situation in Singapore

Dear Students,

Singapore has been experiencing hazy conditions due to smoke haze from Sumatra being blown in by the prevailing winds.  The PSI reading may deteriorate if the winds are unfavourable.

If you have any pre-existing medical conditions, please be advised to have your medication with you daily. (e.g. students with asthma should carry their inhalers etc).  Thank you.

Friday, 19 August 2016

Info Hub Operating Hours (19 August 2016)

Dear all,

Info Hub will be open from 9 am to 2.30 pm today, 19 August 2016. There will be no 'over the counter services'. Only the Self Machine system is available for borrowing and returning. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Road Safety Message

Dear Students,
As part of our continuous effort to improve road safety around the school, please remind your parents to alight you at the drop off zone within the school vicinity if they are driving you to school.  Please remind them that they are not to stop, pick-up or alight you at the bus-stop outside the school along Commonwealth Ave West. This is for safety reasons and to ensure smooth traffic flow near the ingress to Technology Drive. Please also note the traffic rules pertaining to bus lanes.
Please highlight to your parents that Technology Drive is demarcated as a school zone and all drivers should exercise greater care and practise the necessary precautions when driving along the road.

Let's work towards a safer school environment for everyone.  Thank you.  

Friday, 12 August 2016

Release of 2016 Singapore-Cambridge GCE O-Level Mid-year MTL/MTLB Examination Results

Dear Sec 4 students offering MTL/MTB,

The results of the 2016 Singapore-Cambridge GCE O-Level Mid-year MTL/MTLB examination will be released next Thursday, 18 August. Pls assemble at the Auditorium at 2pm to receive your results.

Thank you.

Mdm Bek

Ministry of Education QSE Survey for Sec 4s

Dear Secondary 4 Students,

You will be required to participate in a Ministry of Education questionnaire survey on 29 Aug 2016, Monday.  The questionnaire is to assess the extent to which students find their school experience positive and enriching.  

Date:      29 August 2016, Monday
Time:      8.50 - 9.50 am
Venue:    Auditorium (A-04-01)

As the questionnaire will be administered on-line, please be reminded to bring along your Learning Device to school on that day.  

Thank you.  

2016 GCE O-Level English Oral Exam (15 to 29 Aug): Out-of-bounds Venues

The GCE O-Level English oral examination will take place from 15 to 29 Aug 2016 between 2:00 p.m. and 6:30 p.m.

The designated exam venue and waiting room will be Info Hub (Level 5) and Tutorial Room 3 (B-05-05) respectively.

As such, your assistance is required to ensure a conducive environment for the Sec 4s to take their examination. Please refrain from making noise in the vicinity of Block A, especially areas nearer to the Info Hub as your noise might affect the performance of those taking the O-level examination.

The following venues will be out of bounds after 13:45:

  • Info Hub (Level 5)
  • Tutorial Room 3
  • Level 5 linkway from Block C to Block B and from Block B to Block A

Thank you for your cooperation.

Mr Perdana Pan
EL Department

Monday, 8 August 2016

2016 GCE O-Level English Oral Examination Briefing and Morning Assembly in Auditorium

Dear Sec 4 students,

The GCE O-Level English oral examination will take place in the afternoon from 15 Aug (Mon) to 29 Aug (Mon), except for 18 Aug (Thurs) and 26 Aug (Fri).

Please follow the examination schedule uploaded in the GoogleSite announcement (click HERE).
Owing to the Applied Subjects preliminary examination, candidates scheduled for 26 Aug (Fri) will sit for their English oral examination on 29 Aug (Mon) instead.

All 188 candidates sitting for the English oral examination are to report to the Auditorium on 11 Aug (Thurs) by 7:40 a.m. for flag raising ceremony, followed by attending a briefing on the Oral exam. You are to sit in rows according to your class and attendance will be taken.

All the best for the rest of your examinations!

Thank you.

Mr Perdana Pan
EL Department

Friday, 5 August 2016

National Day 2016 Activity

Dear students,

In conjunction of our National Day 2016 theme, SG 51, Building our Singapore of Tomorrow”, which seeks to galvanise and unite Singaporeans in the next chapter of nation-building, we invite all of you to view our exhibit in our infohub where your peers construct what the futuristic transport system would be like as well as acknowledging the works of our founding fathers.

Come and Join us at the InfoHub for a hive of mini activities such as :

1. reciting our national pledge in different languages such as Chinese, Tamil, French, Bengali;
2. arranging the jigsaw puzzle of the flag within the shortest time
3. online quiz on our national anthem

Daily prizes will be given out for correct answers.
Do drop by and our NE Ambassadors who are on duties will be there to assist you.

See you during our break time and after school.

Warmest Regards,
The NE Committee 
(Mr Alvin Tan, Mdm Azizah, Ms Wong Ho Yen, Ms Pearl Huand and Ms Ruth Loh)

Thursday, 4 August 2016

2016 National Day Celebration@SST

[Post updated on 5 August 2016, 0505h]

Dear SST students,

We will be celebrating Singapore’s 51st birthday in SST. 

1.     Details of the celebration
  • Day/ Date: Monday, 8th August 2016
  • Time: 7.40 a.m.
  • Venue: ISH 
2.     Programme

Please refer to the programme at the end of this post.  
Do familiarise yourself with the schedule.

3.  Attire
  • Sec 1 students: S&W Attire
  • Sec 2 students: S&W Attire
  • Sec 3 students: Red / White top with jeans or bermudas with covered shoes
  • Sec 4 students: Red / White top with jeans or bermudas with covered shoes
For Sec 3s & 4s, you are expected to exercise good sense in your choice of attire. Revealing attire is not allowed.

Thank you.
On behalf of NE Events Team
Mdm Azizah, Ms Wong Ho Yan, Ms Pearl Huang & Ms Ruth Loh

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

National Day Celebration: Getting Ready - the Songs!

Dear Students

National Day is coming! Click on the following links to get yourselves ready for the celebration:

1) Count on me Singapore 1986

2) One people, One nation, One Singapore 2002

3) Stand Up for Singapore 1984,1985

4) We are Singapore, 1987,1988

5) Singapura, Sunny Island 2005)

You can also find these files in the Student G+ Community

From: NE Committee

Monday, 1 August 2016

S4 Prelim Exam Briefing 2nd Aug

Dear S4 students, please report to the Auditorium on 2nd Aug (tomorrow) for Prelim Exam briefing from 0740-0800.

Thank you!