Monday 31 March 2014

2014 International Friendship Day@SST

 Dear SST students,

On behalf of the Citizenship Committee (NE Events), we would like to share the mission and objectives of International Friendship Day (IFD) for 2014.
International Friendship Day provides a good opportunity for students to explore Singapore’s connection to the region and the world. They must value the good relations we share with our neighbours and beyond. More importantly, we need to teach them that such relations cannot be taken for granted.  For this year, the theme is ‘Our Stories We Share’.
To commemorate the IFD, SST NE Events Committee has planned a variety of events for staff & students. 
A.  Articles from Straits Times by SD Team
- All students have received a complimentary copy from The Straits Times on Monday, 24th March 2014.  There is more information on International Friendship Day.  

B.  Resources on International Friendship Day by Infohub Committee
-  There is static display where staff & students are welcome to view the exhibits on Singapore’s efforts and willingness to help others. We can learn about Singapore’s commitment to develop and maintain excellent relationships with other nations.
-  Please see attached pictures.

C. IFD Games by NE Ambassadors
-  Games stalls will be set up during Lower Sec & Upper Sec recess from 2nd April to 4th April.
-  Ms Tan Sok Qin & her team of NE Ambassadors will be carrying out Puzzle Games.
-  A set of Puzzle Game will be placed on the table outside Apple Care Centre for fun play.
-  Staff & students are welcome to take part & win prizes at the Games Stalls at the Canteen.
-  See picture to view the Game Cover Set.

D. 'Our World Our Views' by Education & Outreach Team
-  On Thursday, 3rd April, S405 will be sharing on the importance of international relations and friendship for their presentation during morning assembly.

E.  ‘Our Stories We Share’ by International Students
-  Morning Assembly will be held at MPH. Ms Mohan & her team of International students will be sharing on their experiences living in Singapore.

B. ‘Our Stories We Share’ by NE Events Committee

- Advisory Period in MPH.
- Mr Justin Ke & his team of NE Ambassadors will be conducting the session.  There will be performance from SST Show Choir & external group, Drama Arts. A short quiz will be conducted too.  We hope to see everyone at MPH.  Please be informed that all students are to be seated by 12 p.m. sharp.

On behalf of NE Events Committee, we would like to invite everyone to be part of this event.
Thank you.