Wednesday 26 March 2014

Finalists of Inter House Speech Challenge 2014

After the preliminary rounds for the Inter House Speech Challenge (Upp Sec), the following have been shortlisted as the finalists for next week's finals:

Yellow House: Marcellus Chang & Peh Ruo Song
Green House: He Shiying & Dawn Tan
Black House: Athiyah Azeem

The provision of an emcee and supporters for the preliminary rounds also contributed to Yellow House's lead in the scoring of house points. This lead could change if Houses can garner more supporters to attend the event and emcees are used to introduce their speakers.

The following participants also scored valuable house points for their respective houses:
Black House: Marco Gerard
Red House: Nicole Heng & Thurga

The finals for the Inter-House Speech Challenge (Upper Sec) will be at 2pm on 2nd April 2014 at the Info-hub.