Monday 26 May 2014

Post Exams Activities for Sec 1's

Dear Sec 1's who are not currently on GCP,

Please check the Post Exams Activities Schedule here: and come prepared each day. Thank you.

For Tues, 27 May, students from S1-05 (index 7, 9, 10 and 19), S1-02 (index 2 - 14) and S1-01 will go to Bio Lab 1 for the ICT Workshop 
while those in S1-02 (index 15 - 23), S1-03, S1-04 (index 9), S1-06 (index 7 and 12) and S1-07 will go to Bio Lab 2. The rest will go on Humanities Trail.

For Wed, 28 May, students from S1-04, S1-05 and S1-06 (index 1 - 14) will go to Bio Lab 1 for the ICT Workshop 
while those in S1-06 (index 15 - 24) and S1-08 will go to Bio Lab 2. The rest will go on Humanities Trail.

For Thurs, 29 May, everyone is to wear full school uniform to attend full day Leadership Workshop.

On Friday, all classes will have a kindness lesson from 0740-0850 hrs in the classrooms. Please bring and leave MacBooks in the lockers, before proceeding to gather at MPH for their pre-service briefing at 0850 hrs. Bring a small bag (umbrella and water bottle) and wear full school uniform.

In case you missed my briefing last week, here are the key points:

•             Please bring writing materials
•             Morning Assembly in ISH
•             FT’s will take attendance every morning
•             Take ownership of your learning
•             Restore the venues to original state
•             Dress appropriately, esp. if out of school
•             Note the long hours and missing recess on some days
•             Expect some canteen stalls to close
•             Expect “flexi-hours” and other changes
Remember to bring your LD's and chargers for ICT Workshop and Friday. Thanks!

Mr Dennis Lam