Wednesday 21 May 2014

Service Learning Workshop

Dear Sec 1 students (who are not on GCP trip and are attending the Post-Exam programme in May),

You will be going through a compulsory Service Learning workshop on 26 May (Monday) and Service Day on 30 May (Friday).

The objectives are:
1. To introduce the definition and components of Service Learning to students.
2. To help students recognise social issues and understand the meaning of meeting real needs
3. To inspire students with servant leadership qualities and organising abilities so they can better carry out S-L projects.
4. To impart the heart of compassion in service
Service Learning Workshop
Date: 26 May (Monday)
Timing: 0910-1730hrs (with breaks in-between)
Location: ISH, ADMT Studio 1, 2, LO2, MPR 3, 4
Attire: Full school uniform
Materials to bring: Writing materials and Learning Device

Please report to school (assembly at ISH) as per normal on the morning of 26 May by 0840hrs. You will have a briefing on Humanities trail from 0850 to 0910hrs first, before the Service Learning Workshop.

Service Day

Date: 30 May (Friday)
Timing: 0850-1245hrs
Location: MPH, service venues outside of school
Attire: Full school uniform
Materials to bring: Writing materials, Learning Device, water bottle, umbrella, materials needed for the Elderly Homes
Please report to school as per normal on the morning of 30 May. The groupings can be found here:
Mr Seth Tan (on behalf of the Youth Service Committee)