Monday 26 May 2014

SST Make-A-Thon (Internal)

SST Make-A-Thon

Pre-requisites:  None. Training will be provided. See Schedule below.
Date: 3 – 5 June 2014 (Note that there will be training available on 3 Jun, 3-5 June, 2 Day 1 Night competition)
Who:   Secondary 1 & 3. Sec 2 is unable to participate due to NTU Flagship Programme. Students who wish to participate please put Mr Aurelius Yeo or Mr Dean Ang as Teacher I/C. ICT TDP Employees who wish to participate will be included in the organising committee as helper.

*Limited Places
Enquiries:   Please email
Registration closes on 28 May 2014. Click Here to register.

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Pre Make-A-Thon Training (Strongly encouraged):

3 – 5 June 2014
We will be providing some fundamental training for all participants. The training is optional and on an opt-in basis but it is strongly recommended for all participants to attend.  Please note that the arduino knowledge is required and will be taught during the training.
End May
Off-Site, Online TrainingBasic Online Tutorials
3 June 2014 (9am – 5pm)
On-Site TrainingArduino, Soldering, 3D Printing

Make-A-Thon Event Days

4th – 5th Jun 2014
9am (4th  Jun)Registration
9.30amOpening Ceremony
10amMake-A-Thon Begins. Start Coding!
3pm (5th Jun)Coding and Creating Ends
5pmClosing Ceremony (Expected to end by 6pm)

Will training be provided?    Yes. See Schedule above. Please note that we will be emailing some lesson materials and resources to participants prior to the training. It will be useful if participants can work through some of these material prior to the training.
Can participants leave halfway?  Yes and No. We encourage participants to stay throughout the event, but if something crops up, participants will not be disqualified if they leave the event during the Make-A-Thon.
Do I need to stay overnight?   Yes. All teams need to, as far as possible, stay for the duration of the event. Please bring along your own sleeping bags if necessary. A steady supply of drinks, meals and snacks will be provided.
Will I retain IP rights?   Yes.
Will food be provided?  All meals are provided, including drinks and snacks throughout.
Will there be WIFI?  Yes.
Do I need to bring my own laptop?  Yes. Unfortunately, we can’t provide computers. Please bring anything that you’ll need to code and build. Sharing is also okay. For the training, computers will be required as well. As long as your computer has WIFI, can run modern web browsers (such as Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome), and you have installation/admin rights to install Arduino software and the various library, you will be able to participate in the training.
Any rules?  (1)  All code and artefacts must be written and created within the event. However, if you have existing libraries, you may make use of them.  The product presented by your team should not be built upon, or is merely an extension of, any existing products that you have prepared prior to the Make-A-Thon. Reusing chunks of code is permissible, but not entire programs.  (2) All participants must be currently enrolled at a secondary or primary school. (3) Teams can have any number of members from 2 to 5 students (i.e. you can chose to work with a partner, with a full team, or anywhere in between). (4) Every team will have about 3 minutes to present their hacks to the judges on 5 June 2014. (5) We might limit the number of teams per school to allow better representation.
What’s the judging like?   Judging will be based on the innovativeness of the idea, technical difficulty, community viability, and quality of implementation.  Judges’ decision is final. More detailed judging criteria will be conveyed at the start of the event.
Who are the judges?   The composition will be announced closer to the date of the Make-A-Thon.

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