Tuesday 2 September 2014

Staff Appreciation Day 2014

Dear Students,

Staff Appreciation Day will be on this Thursday , the 4th of September. We will be following the SST tradition of celebrating this day with your teachers in your classrooms from 0800 am till 0920 am before ending with a concert from 1000 am till 1100 am.

Please note that classroom cleaning time will be from 0920 am till 0940 am after which all students will proceed to the MPH for the celebrations. Any foodstuff should be promptly cleared and removed once the class celebrations ends. 

Secondary 4 students will return to their respective classes for the verification of marks for the Preliminary Exams once the concert ends. 

Staff Appreciation Day program as follows:

0740 - 0750
Flag raising and Minister’s Address by School leaders
0800 - 0930
Class celebrations
Respective classrooms
0930 - 1000
Cleaning up of classrooms and proceeding to MPH
1000 - 1100
Staff Appreciation Day Celebrations
After concert
All Sec 4s return to classes for verification of results/ return of scripts
Respective classrooms

Thank you,
Mr Keith Wee