Thursday 9 October 2014

Results of Inter House Decorate the Info Hub & School Song Video Challenges

Belated results but here they are:

Inter-House Decorate the Info Hub Challenge
  • 1st: Red House
  • 2nd: Yellow House
  • 3rd: Black House
  • 4th: Green House
  • 5th: Blue House
Inter-House School Song Video Challenge
  • 1st: Red House (Christopher Kok S306 & Kat Yong Jie S404)
    • Click HERE to view
  • 2nd: Yellow House (Lim Wei Feng 305)
    • Click HERE to view
  • 3rd: Black House (Sandeep and Jian Qing S207)
  • 4th: Blue House (Anurag 303)
  • Consolation: Black House (Cornelius Lee and Jiang Yu Jun) &  Yellow House (Nur Shaquille 301 & Lois Lek 304)
  • *Green house had no submissions