Sunday 19 October 2014

S1/S2/S3: Celebration of Learning for Students - Preparation

Dear S1, S2 and S3 Students,

Please click at links for detailed instructions and act based on the stipulated schedule:
  1. Information Sheet for Students   (use details here to check that you are making progress with your preparations)
  2. Subject Details by Class
On Monday (20 Oct), Chair and Vice-chair please check that the following are done:
  1. Storing of artefacts along side cabinets. Organise them by subject.
  2. Poster design must be print ready. (email to Mrs Laura Ng or Mrs Lim for approval).
  3. Continue to discuss, prepare and organise artefacts for display and bring in all related equipment to be stored away.
You must work with your subject teachers as well as FT to make progress.
Keep a look out the whole of next week for Mrs Laura Ng's emails on this matter.