Thursday 23 October 2014

S1/S2/S3: Celebration of Learning on 24 October 2014 (Friday)

Dear Students,

For tomorrow's Celebration of Learning, please note that you must be at your respective venues to man the display booths.

S1 - Blk C, Level 4 classrooms
S2 - Blk C, Level 5 classrooms
S3 - Indoor Sports Hall

Reporting Time for Duty:
0745 - 1st shift
* For the other shifts, please refer to the duty rosters planned by your Chairman and Vice-chairman.

Visiting of Other Student Displays
Off Duty Break Times - You are strongly encouraged to visit the other student exhibits across the three levels (S1 to S3) during your breaks as rostered.

Last Minute Adjustments to Displays
This can be done to enhance your displays but it must be minimal and before any visitor arrives.

In the words of your Principal, Mr Chua Chor Huat, "Do your best!"

Thank you,
Mrs Laura Ng, Mrs Lim-Leong Woon Foong
& the IP Committee