Thursday 14 May 2015

Current OBS Participants Only: One Day Break from CCA

Dear OBS Participants,

Selected Sec 3 students are excused from CCA tomorrow. This applies specifically to those who are currently attending OBS Challenge Course - the 12 who didn't go to OBS in May 2015 will still have to attend CCA as per normal.

This will apply to all CCA's that have sessions 15 May 15, and only for 15 May 15 (one day).

This, however, DO NOT apply to other duties or commitments that Sec 3 students may have (e.g. congress training) - all Sec 3's will still have to attend non-CCA activities unless explicitly excused by teachers in charge.

Please contact me or Mr Lam if you need further clarifications. I apologise for the late notice. Thank you.

Best Regards,
Mr Dennis Lam