Wednesday 12 August 2015

SG50 gift of a Lang Lang Steinway Designed Baby Grand in the MPH

Dear Students,

SST has just received our Lang Lang Steinway Designed Baby Grand Piano. This piano is an SG50 gift to the school by the Sing50 committee and in return for it, we are all obliged to take care of it, use it well, as well as promote local music.

80 of our performing arts CCA students and staff recently attended the Sing50 concert on 7 August to enjoy the tribute to 50 years of Singapore music and we also witnessed Chinese virtuoso Lang Lang and 50 other pianists from age 7 to 52 with the Metropolitan Festival Orchestra perform the Three Movement Concerto which was composed by Dr Kelly Tang. One of the 50 baby grands at this concert now belongs to SST!

Our baby grand is now housed in the Multi Purpose Hall and thanks to the Ops team, the piano is now seated on a specially customised platform.

Plans are underway to feature it in concerts and other programmes so if you have a desire to perform your piece on the piano, do drop me a line. We are also looking into procedures to allow students who wish to practise on the baby grand for your performance or examination pieces. I will keep you updated once we have decided the best way to do this.

Any further enquiries about the baby grand piano and the use of it can be directed to Ms Patricia Ng, email,sg or contact her during office hours on 65717414.