Thursday 23 June 2016

[Briefing] GCE O-Level Mother Tongue B-syllabus/ Mother Tongue/Higher Mother Tongue eOral Examination

To all Upper Sec students,

1. The GCE O-Level eOral exam will be starting from 30 June(Thursday) and ending on 28 July for Mother Tongue B-syllabus/Mother Tongue/Higher Mother Tongue.

2. The following groups of candidates sitting for the eOral exams are to report at the Auditorium on 28 June(Tue) by 7.30am for flag raising ceremony, follow by attending a briefing on the eOral exam:
  1. Sec 4 CLB students(4 candidates)
  2. Sec 4 CL/TL/ML students(121 candidates) 
  3. Sec 3 HCL/HTL/HML students(60 candidates) 
  4. Sec 4 HCL/HTL/HML students(47 candidates) 
3. Sec 3 students offering Mother Tongue, Sec 3 & 4 students exempted from Mother Tongue,  sec 3 & 4 students offering MLB/Foreign Language as MT/ Hindi should still report at the ISH for flag-raising ceremony.

Thank you.

HOD Mother Tongue Language
Mdm Bek