Sunday 26 June 2016

*Important* Timetable for Term 3 (2016)

Dear students, 

The timetable for Term 3 can now be accessed HERE.

Since the start of 2016, SST has reviewed and made some improvements to the timetable structure to better support its curriculum delivery and student well-being. This includes introducing short breaks for students and making minor adjustments to the curriculum time for some subjects. We also gathered feedback from students on the changes made in Semester 1.

Moving forward, we have refined the timetable structure further in Semester 2.
For example, the duration of each period has been reduced from 50 min to 20 min. This would give greater flexibility in the subject duration, hence the design of your learning experience. More information will be communicated to you when school reopens on Monday.

Please take note that there is no change to the reporting time to school
Do refer to the timetable to prepare for Monday's lessons.

Thank you for your attention.