Wednesday 1 June 2016

Mozzie Watch keeper @ NW

2016 started with an unusually high number of dengue cases and we have also seen the first case of Zika in Singapore, which was in the North West District. We are fast entering the peak dengue season from June to October, where the hotter weather may speed up the process for Aedes mosquito eggs to become adults.

SST is on board The Mozzie Watch keeper @ NW programme which is jointly organised with NEA and Holland-Bukit Panjang Town Council and supported by Bulding & Estate Management Alumni (BEMA). It hopes to rally students and residents to learn, prevent, spot and report cases of potential mosquitoes breeding grounds, through an interactive mobile app. The mobile app contains an e-learning quiz to create awareness and provide knowledge for effective Dengue/Zika prevention. 

To add a social cause to the programme, BEMA will donate $2 to North West Student Support Fund for every participant who completes the quiz. 

All SST Students are encouraged to download the mobile app MozzieWatchKeeper@NorthWest. 
The mobile app domain name is

Below is the link to the programme video:

Do tap on Mozzie Watch Keeper
- Complete the Registration (do indicate school as SST)
- Complete the short lessons and quizzes on the following topics:
  •     What is Dengue?
  •     Dengue Dangers
  •     How to fight?
  •     Do your part
And you would have helped to raise $2.

Do also make use of the app to spot and report any potential mosquito breeding ground during this period.

Thank you and have a dengue-free holiday!

Best regards,

SST Environment Committee