Tuesday 30 August 2016

Cosplay Event in SST on Fri, 16 Sept 2016

Inter-House Cosplay Challenge is back and the cosplaying fun for the whole school continues in SST.

If you are into cosplaying, you might want to volunteer to be the performer(s) for your House and try win points for your House. Please contact your House Captains or Vice-Captains for more information. However, if you would just like to cosplay for fun, then take note of what and when to wear:

There is some testing of creativity as to what to cosplay as especially with the time given for getting ready for it. It is not a lot so start thinking what you could really come as.

All students will come to school in full school uniform or S&W outfits if there are S&W lessons before their recesses.
All cosplayers will take their respective recess breaks to change into their cosplay outfits. These will include cosplayers (both staff and students) who are not representing their Houses in the Inter-House Cosplay Challenge but would like to join in the fun of cosplaying. Everyone is encouraged to cosplay to add to the atmosphere of the event.
Cosplayers who are representing their Houses in the Inter-House Cosplay Challenge are further allowed to leave their classes at 11.45am to do more preparation as the competition will be held in the MPH during assembly period.
With the time restriction, you really have to be creative in how to get the makeup done and consider the characters suitable for the kind of time you have for this event.
We can have fun cosplaying but the costumes we wear need to be appropriate for a school audience. All of you know that costumes which are too revealing or cross-dressing inappropriately will never pass the approval test. Please also do not plonk on a head of a donkey and say it is cosplaying. It really is not. Cosplayers actually take time and pride in what they cosplay as. Those in inappropriate outfits will be requested to change back into their school uniforms or S&W outfits.

If you are not sure, just check with your form teacher, any HOYs, DMs and Ms Patricia Ng who is organising this.
Wearing home clothes is NOT cosplaying. This is not a 'Be Yourself' event but a Cosplay event. The rest of the student population not intending to cosplay will need to remain in their school uniforms but can still enjoy the entertainment of the cosplay event that will culminate with the Inter-House Cosplay Challenge during the Assembly Programme.

Any further queries, please contact Ms Patricia Ng@