Sunday 4 December 2016

2017 Pre-school Engagement Programme - Overview

Dear 2017 Sec 1 Students

A warm welcome and congratulation to making it to the SST family!  

In December 2017, the ICT Department will be rolling out a series of web-based activities to prepare you for the ICT-enabled activities that you will go through in the new academic year.

The activities will be carried out primarily in two modes:
  1. Online instructions or tutorials on SST Student Blog
  2. Activities submission through Google Classroom
Look out for a personalised email from me in the next few days.

Starting from 5 December 2016, instructions on these activities will be posted up in the Students blog. If you miss anyone of the activities, simply refer to the left panel and filter the blog posts that come with the label "2017 Pre-School Engagement Programme". The related posts will be displayed. 

You may also visit Google Classroom to your enrolled course "2017 Pre-School Engagement Programme" to catch up the missed information. The class code to join the class is mst6njo.

The schedule for the activities are as follows:
  • Session 1 : 5 December 2016 (Monday) 
    • / Google Classroom
  • Session 2: 7 December 2016 (Wednesday) 
    • My SST Account, Introduction to GSuites (Part 1)
  • Session 3:  9 December 2016 (Friday)
    • My SST Account, Introduction to  GSuites (Part 2)
  • Session 4: 14 December 2016 (Wednesday)
    • Online Virtual Note and Mind Mapping Apps

I look forward to seeing you during registration day on 22 December 2016. 
Meanwhile, have a great time learning and exploring!

Mr Dean Ang Ngee Keng 洪仪庆
Head of Department
Information and Communication Technology,
Google Certified Teacher
Google for Education Qualified-Chrome
Apple Foundation Trainer
School of Science and Technology, Singapore
1 Technology Drive, Singapore 138572
T: (65) 6571 7419 | F: (65) 6872 0856