Tuesday 21 March 2017

[For S4 Students] Career Aspiration and Interest in DSA-JC/EAE Form

Dear S4 students,

I refer to the career aspiration and interest form sent out to you via email in January 2017. 

In this form, you will also be required to indicate your interest in applying for the Direct School Admission – Junior College (DSA-JC) and Early Admission Exercise (EAE) for Polytechnics. You are encouraged to discuss this matter with your parents, teachers or Dr Piriya (ECG counsellor) if you need any clarification.

If you do not have the intention to apply for DSA-JC or EAE, a NIL reply will be required.

For those who are interested in applying for the DSA-JC, please check the website of the respective Junior Colleges for more details (application period is typically around May to June).

For those who are interested in applying for the EAE, you are encouraged to read up more about the polytechnics and courses that you would like to apply for (application period is typically in June).

Kindly fill this form up by 31 March 2017 if you have not done so or have made any changes to your decision. We seek your understanding and cooperation to adhere to this deadline as we need time to prepare the documentation in time for your application. Any late submissions may result in unnecessary delay in this process.

Please email me if you require further assistance.

Thank you.