Friday 31 March 2017

School Canteen Matters

Dear students, 

Some updates on canteen matters.  

1) Trial for fruits system.

There will be a trial period to encourage eating of fruits amongst students. To make it more convenient and visible for all, the fruits will be placed at the stalls during the trial. The token system will cease during the trial, which will last for 1 month starting from 3 April. Those who have tokens from previous purchases can exchange them for fruits at the stalls during the trial.

2) Use of disposables.

You are strongly encouraged to bring your own non-disposables for those who intend to have takeaways. Do remind one another to reduce, reuse and recycle whenever possible. It is important to cultivate habits to reduce our carbon footprint.

3) Cleanliness responsibility

You are reminded to clear the areas you use after eating. You are to clear any leftover food off the utensils, before placing them gently in the receptacle bins. You are also reminded to reduce food wastage and politely ask for smaller portions if need be.

Thank You.