Thursday 30 March 2017

Student Leaders' Investiture

Dear Students,

The 2017 Student Leaders' Investiture is taking place in the afternoon on Mon, Apr 3 (T2W3). This year, all Secondary 2, 3 and 4 students will attend this event. 

The objectives of the Investiture are:
  • To officially recognise newly-elected student leaders, vesting them with their duties as leaders.
  • To symbolically present the handing over of duties from present student leaders to new student leaders.
  • To inspire SST student leaders to be the epitome of performance and moral character.
Students will report to the respective venues by 14:30 as follows: 
Sec 2, 3 - Outside ISH
Sec 4 - Our Space

All students will be seated in the MPH by 14:45. The ceremony will start at 15:00 sharp. Ensure also that you leave your bags in your lockers given the limited space in the MPH.

As we inaugurate our 124 office bearers and thank the incumbent cohort of student leaders, we would encourage you to see this momentous occasion as part of a larger school-wide enculturation of our belief that leadership, regardless of positions, is a privileged responsibility.  

This ceremony on that note occupies your CCE slot on Monday. Other lessons will be as usual, although you will be dismissed for lunch at 13:40, with the following exceptions:
  • Sec 2, Sec 3, and selected S4 Peer Support Leaders, in addition to selected Student Councillors, as well as Media Club crew supporting the event: To be excused for lunch after 13:00.
  • Other Sec 2 and Sec 3 Student Councillors, CCA Captains/Chairpersons, CCA Vice-captains/Vice-chairpersons and House Captains and Vice-captains: To be excused for lunch after 13:15.
Here is the seating plan in the MPH for this Investiture:

Feel free to contact Mr Chen Jinquan, Mr Perdana Pan, or Sajidah Banu (Peer Support Board/S3-04) for clarifications.