Wednesday, 28 June 2017

[Invitation to sign up] Informatics Training Sessions in Term 3

Dear students,

The ICT department will be conducting a series of Informatics training sessions in term 3, leading to the Australian Informatics Olympiad.

There will be a series of intermediate classes,  as well as advanced classes, to be run in parallel sessions.

The topics covered include:
* Basic File I/O  (Intermediate)
* Mathematical Topics such as combinatorics, functions, sets etc (Intermediate)
* Data Types and Structures (Intermediate)
* Recursion
* Greedy Algorithm
* Complexity Analysis
* Dynamic Programming

Students with strong mathematical background and an interest in problem-solving are encouraged to sign up for the training sessions.

Please register by 2 July 2017. 
Sign up form can be accessed at

Thank you for your attention.

Mr Dean Ang
Senior Teacher (Computing)