Friday 4 January 2019


Dear SST Students

#ACEfooddrive2k19 is here again!

The ACE leaders will be carrying out #ACEfooddrive2k19 from 2 January - 12 January 2019.

We will be conducting door-to-door distribution of food packs to the underprivileged community living in the 1-room rental flats in the Henderson vicinity on the 12 January 2019. We hope to benefit at least 540 families this year and we look forward to your generous support!

**Please ensure that the donated food items are Halal certified, Non-spicy and have at least a 6 months shelf life.**

You may wish to make your contributions through Redmart, NTUC, Cold Storage, Honestbee etc (any delivery service) and have the items delivered to SST’s General Office (GO). Please put a note indicating your child’s full name and class when you make the order.


You may wish to drop off your donations in the donation boxes placed outside

  • ISH (Bus Bay area)
  • Outside General Office
  • Outside Staffroom

For clarifications, please feel free to drop us an email at:

Looking forward to your support! Thank you!