Tuesday 28 May 2019

Info on GCE MTL/MTL(B) Mid-Year Written Exams 2019 (3rd June)

Dear Sec 4s,

For those who are taking the GCE mid-year Mother Tongue papers on next Monday (3rd June 2019), please take note of your seating arrangements for the exam.

MTL Papers

MTL(B) Papers
I have also appended the slides that were used in the briefing session today (28th May) at the Auditorium.

Please ensure that you are using an approved dictionary for Paper 1 (composition component) of your mother tongue paper. 

Take note that the reporting time for the MTL papers on next Monday (3rd June) is at 7.20a.m. at ISH. 
Be sure to go toilet and place your bags at Our Space before attendance taking at the ISH.

For the MTL(B) papers at 2.00p.m. outside Phy Lab 1
Be sure to go toilet and place your bags outside Phy Lab 1.

Cheers and all the best for your exams! See you next week!