Monday, 31 August 2020

SAW Celebration on 3rd September

Dear Students, 

The Peer Support Board (PSB) is proud to helm the Finale of Staff Appreciation Week (SAW) 2020 on 3rd September. 

  • To inculcate a positive culture in which the SST community readily shows our gratitude.

  • To extend an appreciation for the guidance put in by all SST staff in contributing to and supporting the well-being and learning of our students;

  • To promote an inclusive culture of kindness in the school. (SAW is an integral part of the kindness programme that PSB is currently collaborating with the Singapore Kindness Movement)

The theme for SAW 2020:

"Gratitude: Thankful Now, Thankful Forever"

Things to bring

1. Silent Reading Material

2. Thermometer

3. Items for #Celebratingwithstaff

4. Simple Snack for own consumption

Dismissal Timing

Sec 1: 10:50 am

Sec 2: 10:55 am

Sec 3: 11:05 am

Sec 4: 11:00 am

Thank you

Proudly presented by the Peer Support Board