Monday 3 August 2020

Unstructured Play

Dear Students,

Guidelines for Unstructured Play
Use of Venue
1. The use of the various venues will be based on first come first serve basis.
2. Once the number of groups allowed for each venue is fully taken up, groups that come later
will be turned away. They are not to loiter around the venue.
3. Students must register their full names and classes using the QR code provided by the
teacher on duty before they can start to play.
4. The use of the venues is only allowed during specific recess breaks (not every recess break)
and with teacher supervision. If the teacher on duty is not at the venues, students are not allowed
to start their play.  
5. No unstructured play should take place before and after school.

Venues and Number of Groups Per Venue

ISH (Basketball only)
Allowed 4 groups with each group of maximum 5 students all from the same class, the 4 groups can be from different classes.

MPH (Badminton only) 
Allowed 2 groups with each group of maximum 4 students all from the same class per court, if the 2
groups are from different classes.

Alternatively, allowed 3 groups with each group of maximum 4 students per court if all the
students in the 3 groups are from the same class

Field and Outdoor Court (not available)
These venues will not be available due to manpower constraints. The field will also not be
available during the timing of 0800 - 1040 as it is used for S&W lessons.

During Activities
1. Students should only play with members of their class in individual or group activities of up
to 5 pax, with 3m distancing between group

2. Loan of PE equipment is allowed, with sharing of common equipment (e.g., basketball) for
up to a group of 5 pax. The common equipment needs to be sanitised after use. 
3. Play should not be strenuous, hence students should wear their masks. Students should not
touch their faces during playtime. 
4. Students should minimise contact during these activities.
5. Safe distancing should be at least 2m between individuals during these activities.
6. Students will end their activities at least 5 minutes before the end of their recess to wipe
down the equipment before returning to the teachers.
7. The teachers will have the right to stop the unstructured play if the students do not follow
instructions from the teachers.

Availability of Venues and Teachers on Duty
For the availability of venues and teachers on duty, please use the link to access the information.

Venues Availability and Teachers on Duty

Thank you.

By Dean, Student Development