Tuesday, 5 January 2021

ACE Food Donation Drive 2021 (Updated 7 Jan 2021)

 ear SST Family, 

#ACEfooddrive2k21 is here again! 


I am Chua Wen En from S4-04, one of the ACE leaders in charge of  #ACEfooddrive2k21, a food donation and distribution drive for the underprivileged in our community. 


1. Information on the beneficiaries:

  • Residents living in one-room rental flats at Blocks 91, 92, 93 at Hendersons. 

2. How you can help: 

  1. Generously donate the food items requested by the beneficiaries. To do so, please complete the Google form here and we will reply to you as soon as possible. 


  1. Volunteer to pack the donated food items by signing up here. This will be carried out within the school premises and only after lessons on weekdays. We will contact you further on the available time slots to sign up. 

3. List of items Requested 

  1. Bee Hoon (400g) x 170 Qty

  2. Tune Canned (150g) x 155 Qty

  3. Heinz Baked beans (415g) x 60 Qty

  4. Cream crackers (225g) x 50 Qty

  5. Tea (50 x 2g) x 85 boxes

  6. Coffee (30 x 20g) x 120 boxes

  7. Khong Guan Assorted Sharepack (Assorted) x 40 Qty

  8. Sardines (230g) x 50 Qty

  9. Rice (5kg) x 15 Qty

  10. Milo (15 x 33g) x 60 packs

  11. Oats (500g) x 15 packs

  12. Milk Tea (3 in 1, 25 x 20g) x 60 packs

  13. Cereal (500g, assorted flavors) x 60 packs

(You may refer to the link here for examples of the food items. Please note this is just a guide and one is free to procure the item from any shop)


Please ensure that all the food items donated are Halal certified and donations reach us by 21 Jan. 


We look forward to your support in sharing our blessings.  


Warmest regards

Chua Wen En, S404
On behalf of Team #ACEfooddrive2k21