Thursday 7 January 2021

[2020 S4] Release of 2020 Singapore-Cambridge GCE O-Level Examination results

This announcement is for all 2020 Secondary 4 students. 

2020 GCE O-Level Examination Results will be released on Monday, 11 January 2021 at 2:00 p.m.

1. Reporting Information and Safe Management Measures 

Given the COVID-19 situation, students are expected to observe the Safe Management Measures (SMMs) put in place.

  • Only SST students will be allowed to enter the school to collect their results. Parents who drop off their children at the school will have to leave immediately after dropping off. No parking is allowed in the school.

  • Students are to have their temperature taken and SafeEntry check-in done when they arrive at Gate A and B of the school. 

  • Students are advised to arrive in SST between 1.00 p.m. to 1.30 p.m. Students are not to report to SST before 1.00 p.m. so as to avoid intermingling with current students. 

  • Students are to report directly to their respective venues by 1:30 p.m. 




MPR4 (Block C, Level 3)


Phy Lab 1 (Block C, Level 2)


LO1 (Block C, Level 3)


LO1 (Block C, Level 3)


Maker Lab (Block C, Level 2)


ADMT Studio (Block C, Level 2)


MPR3 (Block C, Level 3)


LO2 (Block C, Level 3)

  • Students who are unwell, on Quarantine Order, Stay-Home Notice or Leave of Absence on the day of the results release, should not return to school to collect their results. (See point 5 for more information)

2. Items to bring

  • Students are to bring along their NRIC/Passport/Birth Certificate/Student Pass for identification purposes. Writing materials are optional. 

3. Dress code & grooming 

  • All students must be properly attired in FULL SST uniform.

  • Student’s grooming (i.e. hair colour, length, appearance) must adhere to the school’s standards. 

  • Students who fail to comply will be turned away at the Guardhouse. They will be allowed to enter the school premises once they have addressed their attire and grooming.

4. For students arriving later than 3.00 p.m. but before 5.30 p.m.

  • Students are to collect their result slip ((Form A1) from the General Office. 

  • Students are required to present their NRIC/Passport/Birth Certificate/Student Pass to the staff member at the General Office for verification.

5. For students who are unable to collect their result slips on 11 January 2021

  • Students may view their results online via Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board’s (SEAB) results release system at from 2.45 p.m. on 11 January 2021. The system will be accessible from 11 to 25 January 2021. School candidates who are eligible for SingPass can use their SingPass account to access SEAB’s online results release system. Students can access the results release system using the SEAB-issued PIN sent to their email addresses which their schools had provided to SEAB.

  • Students can also appoint a proxy to collect the physical copy of their result slip (Form A) on their behalf. 

    • Proxy may collect the result slip (Form A1) from the General Office from 11 January, 3.00 p.m. onwards. Proxy is required to present the following documents to the staff member at the General Office before he/she is able to collect the result slip. 

    • Result slip (Form A1) must be collected from the General Office latest by Wednesday, 13 January 2021, 5.30 p.m. 

    • Students are to contact 65717-200 (during office hours of 8:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.) for assistance if they are unable to appoint a proxy or if they have not received their password for SEAB’s results release system.

Here are some references that students may find useful in guiding them to make an informed decision for their next phase of education. 

For any further queries, please contact Ms Karen Ng at or Mr Tan Chuan Leong at

Thank you for your cooperation and wishing you all the best! 

Form A1 will list the applicant’s GCE O-Level examination results, the courses which he/she is eligible to apply for under the JAE, and his/her JAE PIN (i.e. a personal password for the applicant to access JAE-IS).