Tuesday 19 January 2021

Sec 1 Students Only: Lunch Arrangement

Dear Sec 1's,

As we foresee that the canteen will be packed during lunch breaks, all Sec 1 students are to consume your lunch in class on Wednesdays and Fridays. In addition, you are

  • to eat at your own desks, even if other desks are not occupied. Wipe down after your meal.
  • not allowed to talk while eating.
  • to ensure the cleanliness of the classroom and dispose of all food waste in the bins in the canteen.
  • to return all utensils to the canteen collection points by 3pm.
Alternatively, if your CCA time slots are after 2.30pm, you can wait till the canteen seats become available before buying your lunch and consume it in the canteen.

Thank you.