Monday, 1 March 2021

Sec 1 CCA Reporting This Week

Dear Sec 1 students,

Hope you are having a fruitful time in SST so far!

It is time for you to embark on the next stage of your SST journey and join your CCA. All CCA sessions are compulsory as your teachers, coach and seniors work hard to organise enriching experiences for you. If you ever need to miss a session for any valid reason, you are to inform the teachers-in-charge beforehand via email or parent's letter. Before each session, you can consume your lunch in your classroom unless your CCA teachers assign you a table in Level 1. The training schedule and venues can be found here:

Please report to your CCA by this Wednesday (except Scouts and Media Club, which starts on Friday) based on the information in the spreadsheet above. Students in Show Choir (Dance) and all sports CCA are to report in S&W attire and track shoes. Others can report in either school uniform or S&W attire, unless informed otherwise. On the first session, you must inform the teacher-in-charge if you have any pre-existing injuries or medical conditions. Be sure to inform your parents of the dismissal timings and take note that some CCA's have different timings for upper and lower sec.

You can find your CCA allocation in the your email (Note: I have to shorten your names in the attachment, my apologies). Thank you.

Mr Dennis Lam