Wednesday 1 September 2021

SAW Celebration 2nd Sept

Dear Students, 

The Peer Support Board (PSB) is proud to helm the Staff Appreciation Week (SAW): The Thank You Show e-Concert on 2nd September 2021, Thursday


  • To inculcate a positive culture in which the SST community readily shows our gratitude.

  • To extend an appreciation for the guidance put in by all SST staff in contributing to and supporting the well-being and learning of our students;

  • To promote an inclusive culture of kindness in the school. 


The theme for SAW 2021:

"An Attitude of Gratitude"


Things to bring

1. Silent Reading Material

2. Thermometer & Trace Together Token

3. (Only class EXCOs) MacBook and Charger

4. (only for Sec 4s) Writing Stationery


Reporting Time:  7:40 am


Dismissal Timing

Sec 1: 10:10 am

Sec 2: 10:20 am

Sec 3: 10:25 am

Sec 4: 10:15 am


Thank you

Proudly presented by the Peer Support Board