Saturday 2 October 2021

[S1, S2 & S3] Important Note: Out of Bounds areas on 4 Oct, 12 Oct and 14 Oct

Dear S1, S2 and S3 students,

On 4 Oct (Mon)12 Oct (Tue) and 14 Oct (Thu), Secondary 4 students are taking the GCE O-Level Science Practical Examination.

On these 3 days, please note that Block C, Level 1 area outside the laboratories is STRICTLY OUT OF BOUNDS TO ALL STUDENTS

As such, students can only use either Staircase 1C or 2C to go to their classrooms. 
DO NOT USE Staircase 3C or 4C. 

Guiding principle: Whenever you come across a red and white tape cordoning off an area or a staircase, you should find an alternative route. 

Posted by Mrs Lim WF, HOD Science