Monday 25 April 2022

Second Voting for SST Dance Crew in 2022 Chinese Street Dance Competition

 Dear SST family

I am Charis Leow from S3-02, the chairperson of the Show Choir and Dance CCA. Previously, 7 of our members participated in the 2022 Chinese Street Dance Competition under the name of 新科中街舞团 (SST Dance Crew) and have gotten into the finals!

We would like to thank you for voting for us in the first round.

We would like to have your support again as we have a second round of voting of the same video, which will start again with a clean slate. This will make up 10% of our final score. Hence, we would like to seek your help to vote for us again.


Here is the voting link for the competition:

We are still at the top left hand corner of the voting tab:

Voting will be held from 25 April 2022 9am to 28 April 2022 9pm, and it will restart every day at 00:00, where the public can vote once every day. When voting each time, it is compulsory to vote for 3 different groups; thus, we hope that you can vote for our group as one of your choices.


On behalf of the SST Dance Crew, we thank you once again for your support.


With thanks,

Leow En Xi, Charis 302



Koh Shu Yun 303

Nicole Sim Rui Shi 303

Soo Jia Guo, Caleb 308

Lai Wenxi 309

Ruth Gan 405

Gideon Lee Yan Zu 406