Tuesday 28 June 2022

[S1, S2, S3, S4] Dismissal time on 5 July (Tue)

Dear students,

The GCE O-Level MTL Listening Comprehension Exam takes place next Tuesday, 5 July, 3.00pm.

Please note the dismissal time for the different groups of students:

1. All Secondary 4 students and Secondary 3 HMTL students  - 1.20pm

2. Secondary 3 students - 1.40pm.

3. Secondary 2 students - 1.20pm. S2-01 to S2-04 classrooms will be used as exam venues.

4. Secondary 1 students - 2.00pm. No change in dismissal time.

All students who are not taking the exam are to leave the school premises by 2.15pm. This is to provide a quiet and conducive environment for the candidates.

Thank you

Mrs Genevieve Tia
Presiding Examiner
GCE O-Level MTL Listening Comprehension