Tuesday 28 June 2022

[S3, S4] Candidates taking the GCE MTL Listening Comprehension

Dear candidates for GCE MTL Listening Comprehension on 5th July (Tuesday):

Please note the following:

  • Dismissal Timing for Sec 3 Higher MTL and Sec 4 MTL lessons on 5th July at 1.20pm.

  • Sec 4 lesson arrangements for 5th July. Please note that the 1.20-2.20pm lesson is brought forward to 12.40pm; the duration is reduced to 40 minutes. New timeslot is 12.40 to 1.20pm 

  • S4-01 - Computing

  • S4-02 - Math

  • S4-03 - Physics

  • S4-04 - S&W 

  • S4-05 - Math 

  • S4-06 - Math

  • S4-07 - Chemistry

  • S4-08 - Chemistry


As per the briefing held on 27th June (For Sec 3 students) and 28th June (For Sec 4 students), kindly refer to the common set of briefing slides. In addition, you are to check your candidature list, with information on the exam venue and the seating plan prior to the exam on 5th July.

Kindly note of the reporting times for the various exam papers.

2022 GCE LC Briefing to Candidates_27 and 28 Jun 2022

Name List Listening Comprehension CL 1160:03

Seating Plans Listening Comprehension CL 1160:03

Name List Listening Comprehension ML 1148:03 TL 1157:03 CLB 1153:03

Seating Plans Listening Comprehension ML 1148:03 TL 1157:03 CLB 1153:03


Stay safe and healthy. All the best!


Thank you.


Mrs Genevieve Tia

Presiding Examiner

GCE O Levels MTL Listening Comprehension