Monday 22 August 2022

Create Your Own Newspaper Competition 2022 - Please support SST

Dear SST students,

Recently, two groups of Secondary 2 and 3 have taken part in a Create Your Own Newspaper Competition 2022.  We are honoured and delighted to say that both groups have entered the final round of the competition, and part of the final round is an online popularity voting contest. Thus, we would need your help and support. The total number of votes accumulated serves as an encouragement for our efforts. The online popularity voting contest will be open for the public to vote from 18 August 2022 till 28 August 2022.

Here is a short introduction to the competition: 

For the lower secondary 2 team, the chosen theme for this year was “美”, which stands for beauty. We decided to focus on the beauty of music, in specific, the art of the six strings (guitar). 

For the upper secondary team, the chosen theme was "两个世界” which stands for 2 worlds. We decided to focus on the metaverse, the digital “parallel universe” due to the advancement of technology. 

We hope to gather your help and support for our teams' posts. Please help to vote for us by clicking the “Like” button via the two links shared below! Thank you!

Lower Secondary: Group 23

Chan Ting En Valerie (S205)

Le Ze Xuan (S205)

Paris Teh Shu Wen (S204)

Chan Yi Qian (S204)

Caden Anthony Fay Teng Aik (S204)

Upper Secondary: Group 18

Soin Wei Dong (S308)
Tan Xuan Han (S308)

Neo Gao En (S307)

Lim Cheng Rui (S306)

Yap Su Hui, Anastasia (S303)

Thank you!

Yours Sincerely,