Saturday 13 August 2022

Save That Pen - Service-learning project by S3-02

 Dear SST, 

As part of our class service learning project, our class, S302 have started project Save that pen. Save that pen aims to collect used pens in good condition and hope to give it a second life. 

Students tend to use a large amount of pens and usually dispose of their pens after use, despite it being refillable, contributing unnecessary plastic waste which is detrimental to the environment.

We hope to collect these pens and donate them to the NUS bins which would then donate these pens to less fortunate students who would need these pens.

We have boxes to collect these pens outside the staffroom, the small stairs from level 4 to 5 and outside the general office.

Do follow our Class instagram @savethatpen.sst for more information. 

If there are any queries feel free to email:,,,, or

We look forward to your donations! 

Thank you! 

Best Regards,