Wednesday 12 April 2023

S4-06 Service-learning project - Let's get LIT(eracy) !

 Dear SSTudents,

As part of our class service learning project, S406 will be hosting a charity drive, Let’s get LIT(eracy), in collaboration with Book Beyond Borders!

We hope that our assembly presentation has ignited your passion for helping the children in Nepal! 

If you are interested in helping, do ask your friends, family and neighbours for donations of the following types of books:

  • Novels

  • Young adult

  • Classics 

  • Poetry 

  • Memoirs 

  • Self-help

  • Politics 

  • Philosophy

  • Picture/board books 

  • Early readers 

  • Middle grade

  • Teens 

However, please do not donate:

  • Travel guides

  • Technical/reference (eg: teaching you how to build smth)

  • Bibles / religious books, etc. 

  • Non-english 

  • Parenting 

  • Magazines (including Nat Geo, etc) 

  • Dictionaries

  • Cook books

  • Comics 

  • Sports 

  • Academics / textbooks

  • Coffee table books (little to no words, no useful information)

This charity drive will be held from 12 April, T2W4 to 21 April, T2W5.

The donation boxes will be placed at the drop-off point, the atrium and outside the General Office.

Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact


Thank you, and we look forward to your donations :-)

Best Regards,

Galistan Anastasia, 

ACE Leader 

On behalf of S406