Monday 17 April 2023

[You are invited!] Spot-the-Hazards Contest!

The School Safety, Security, and Emergency Branch (SSEB) of MOE is organising a 'Spot-the-Hazards Contest!' that will run from 17 April to 31 July 2023. 

There are 12 hazards in given illustration below

Students who are interested can submit their entries (for Secondary School students) through the following online form link (FormSGlink: You can also use the QR code to bring you to the link.

The winning participants will be shortlisted by MOE and identified by the 
(i) Name of the school, 
(ii) Participant name, and 
(iii) Class. 

The top 10 schools that have the highest number of student participants with the most accurate answers stand to win limited edition prizes! 

So let's not wait. Go ahead and participate.