Wednesday 5 July 2023

Call for SAW Concert Performance is On!

Dear SST students,

Staff Appreciation Week (SAW) is an annual event eagerly awaited by staff and students. 

The objectives of SAW are:

  • To appreciate the contributions that both teaching and non-teaching staff in SST have made to support the school’s community

  • For students to bond with the staff in SST and to recognise their efforts by learning more about them and their backgrounds

  • To encourage the SST community to practice appreciation and gratitude towards each other 

  • To foster a positive and grateful culture through appreciating the numerous things the SST family do for each other daily. 

  • To build a platform where SST students can rally together as one SST to express thanks and foster school spirit and identity as a family

  • To foster a respectful and grateful relationship with the staff of SST

In line with the objectives, the theme for SAW 2023 is Our Tapestry of Thanks

Just like how tapestry and clothing are woven meticulously into one fabric, each and everyone of us make up our unique tapestry of our one SST family.

This year, the SAW concert will be held live in the MPH on 31 August (T3W10 Thursday).

We are inviting students to come forward and display their talents at the SAW concert.  The audition submission will be online, but the callbacks will be live! Applications are open to all individuals and groups. The performances can include: singing, dancing, playing instruments, etc.! More information will be found in the audition sign-up form.

Do note that the purpose and story behind your performance will be considered during the selection process.

Here are some guidelines if you wish to participate in the audition:

  1. Sign-up with the form (please fill in: (Audio and visual (480p and above) of your video must be clear

  2. Your audition piece must be at most 6 minutes (maximum 1 min introduction + 5 mins performance piece

  3. Be dressed appropriately (use costumes and props if needed, if you don’t know what to wear, SST school uniform is the default!)

  4. No explicit content

  5. Follow the theme – “ Our Tapestry of Thanks”.

The deadline for the submission is T2W3 Tuesday, 11 July. Please note that only shortlisted applicants will be notified with a follow-up email.

Please ensure that your performance impacts both the staff and students of SST, and is enjoyable for everyone (don’t use any specific references)! 

If you have any questions, please email or

We look forward to your submissions!

~ brought to you by the Peer Support Board :D